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Dog tax 2024. How much will it be? Max bid up

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In 2024, the maximum dog tax rate will increase. However, this tax does not apply nationwide. It is up to the communes to decide whether or not to pay a tax on having a dog in their area.

The tax on owning a dog operates on the basis of the Act on Local Taxes and Fees. The maximum dog tax rate is regularly increased. In 2023 it is PLN 150.93, and in 2024 it will increase to PLN 173.55.

“About 15 percent property tax will increase but it also increases other fees, e.g. for dog owners. In 2024, the owner of a quadruped will pay PLN 173.55 in fees, i.e. PLN 23 more than in 2024, wrote Piotr Juszczyk, chief tax advisor at inFakt.

15% increase results from the GUS communiqué published last week, in which it was reported that the consumer price index in the first half of 2023 compared to the first half of 2022 amounted to 115.0. This means a price increase of 15%. Every year.

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The upper limits of local tax rates are subject to annual indexation based on this indicator.

Dog tax

Dog tax it is not obligatory. The act only gives municipal councils the right to levy a dog tax. Thus, it is the councils of communes, by way of a resolution, who decide whether the tax on owning a dog applies and information on this subject should be sought on the websites of each commune.

Municipalities also decide on the amount of dog tax, with the upper limit set by the Ministry of Finance. “Each commune determines the amount of the fee, for example, depending on the size and breed of the dog. Therefore, ask for the exact amount at your commune office” – we read on the government website.

Since it is the communes that decide whether there will be a dog tax in their area, the obligation to pay it depends on the place of residence. How do I file my dog ​​tax? Persons to whom it applies are obliged to pay it in the required amount once a year – similarly to other tax settlements.

To pay, go to the commune office and pay the fee at its cash desk, or do it by online transfer to the bank account of the commune office.

If the dog was born in the second half of the year, half of the tax is due. In these cases, the tax can be paid immediately when registering the dog with the municipality.

Who won’t pay dog ​​tax?

Even if we live in a municipality that requires a fee for having a dog, not everyone has to pay the fee. We will not pay tax for one dog if we have: a certificate of any degree of disability and the dog is an assistance dog; certificate of severe disability; over 65 years of age and are self-employed.

“If you have more dogs and meet these conditions – you will pay for the second and each subsequent dog” – we read on the government’s website.

In addition, we will not pay tax for one or two dogs if we pay agricultural tax on agricultural land larger than 1 hectare or 1 conversion hectare. “You only pay for the third and each subsequent dog” – it was noted.

In addition, some municipalities exempt people who have taken an animal from a shelter or have dogs marked with a chip from the fee.

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