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Dog tax. In Szczecin, they give up the fee, where you have to pay

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Not everyone knows that you have to pay tax on a dog. Some cities and municipalities want money for four-legged friends, others do not. Szczecin councilors have just resigned from this tax. Reason? The profit was small and the cost of levying the tribute was high. However, some municipalities still decide to collect tax for the dog. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Dogs give a lot of fun, but cities bring little money. In Szczecin, owners had to pay PLN 50 for having a pet this year. – This is the first time I hear about a dog tax. If it was, I would definitely pay it – says Marta.

The owner of Jara can sleep well, the councilors have just resigned from collecting the tax. The profit was small, the cost of levying a lot. Each year, the city canceled about PLN 60,000.


– About 20,000 zlotys of which were expenses for the collector who collected this fee. In the end, these were relatively small revenues to the city budget – admits Paulina Łątka from the City Hall in Szczecin. In a city of 400,000 inhabitants, 1,200 people paid for a dog.

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The capital of West Pomerania has followed in the footsteps of many other large cities that have already abolished the dog tax. The councilors also decided that the profit from the tax for dogs is as much as the cat cried. – It’s hard to check if someone has this dog or not. The confusion is considerable, the income is small – emphasizes Monika Beuth-Lutyk, spokeswoman for the mayor of Warsaw.

The municipalities themselves decide on the amount of tax on the dog

The upper limit of the dog tax is set for each year by the relevant ministries – this year it is PLN 135. Municipalities decide for themselves whether they will collect this tax at all, and if so, how much. In Skierniewice you have to pay 35 zlotys a year, in Łomża 80 zlotys if you live in a house, and 90 zlotys if you live in a block of flats. In Police, the cost is PLN 70, in Sopot – PLN 66, in Kraków – PLN 36.

– There are people who complain that they will not pay. This money is not lost, it does not go to the city budget somewhere, but goes to the animals – explains Joanna Repel from the Krakow Animal Care Society.

Not everyone knows that you have to pay tax on a dogShutterstock

Some residents do not want to pay tax, others do not know that they are there and do not register their pets. How to check who has a dog? Here is a dog buried. – If such an obligation to register has not been fulfilled, it is difficult to expect that, especially in these large municipalities, they will knock from apartment to apartment and check – emphasizes Katarzyna Topczewska, attorney at law.

But officials do not give up. For example, they collect data on dog owners after the intervention of city guards and check who pays taxes for the dog. Some offices send out reminders. – We will charge the fee, because the costs for keeping dogs in shelters are very high and annually it is about PLN 30,000, and the proceeds from the tax on dog ownership are PLN 10,000 – points out Agnieszka Chudziak, the treasurer of the Kłodawa commune.

Who is exempt from paying dog tax?

Not everyone has to pay tax. Some are exempt from the fee. – These are, among others, people with disabilities in the field of assistance dogs, people with a significant degree of disability, taxpayers of agricultural tax up to two dogs or people over 65 who run a household on their own – explains Katarzyna Topczewska.

Municipalities also give their discounts – for example, zero tax for people who took a dog from a shelter.

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