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Dogs in the heat of criticism. The creator of the hit “Gangnam Style” uses 300,000 liters of water at each concert, when there is a drought in the country

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The creator of the hit “Gangnam Style” is back. During a series of concerts called “Summer Swag”, one of the attractions is pouring water on the audience. South Koreans criticize the star for using three hundred thousand liters of water each time, while the country is drought.

Singer Psy announced on Instagram that he is returning with a series of “Summer Swag” concerts in Seoul. One of the attractions is drenching the audience with water. The concerts are advertised with the slogan: “So much water you will wonder if we have captured the Han-gang river” (the fourth longest river in the Korean Peninsula flowing through Seoul – ed.). Sprinklers are placed all over the stadium so that no one is missed by the water.

In an interview with the South Korean radio station Psy, he admitted that a lot of water is used during each concert: – We spend a lot to buy it. Each concert requires about three hundred thousand liters. We use the water resources at the place of the performance – he said.

South Korea lacks water for agricultural and industrial purposes

The announcement of the return of the show, first hosted by a K-pop star in 2011, sparked critical comments on social media. This is because South Korea lacks water for agricultural and industrial purposes. Last week, the Yonhap news agency shared a photo of a dried-up stream in Sejong city caused by prolonged drought. “It’s terrible. As in the case of Marie Antoinette: let them eat cookies” – one of the internet users commented on Psy’s performances.

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“The Korea Herald” describes the singer’s special concerts as entertainment during which the audience never sits down, playing to the rhythm of the music for up to three hours. Psy has historically used a variety of treatments to keep fans warm: in addition to pouring out hundreds of tons of water, there have been LED lights and fireworks shows.

Psy returns with a series of concerts (archival photo)YG Entertainment, Universal Republic

The Korean singer rose to international fame in 2012 when the music video for “Gangnam Style” was played over 800 million times in just a few months and became the most viewed YouTube video ever. He remained the record holder for the next five years. Currently, “Gangnam Style” has 4.4 billion views.

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