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Donald Trump called his opponents “vermin”

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Previously, leaders of totalitarian regimes followed this path. By calling their opponents vermin, they justified using any means to get rid of them. Such dehumanizing comparisons were made during Donald Trump’s Veterans Day speech. It is not the first time that Trump has radicalized the language of the election campaign, reducing it to the level of playing on the basest instincts, but as long as his popularity is rising, no one with conservative views can afford to offer Republican voters a different path.

In an official statement, a White House spokesman writes that in the language used by Donald Trump, “you can hear echoes of Hitler and Mussolini.” This is a reference to a statement in which the former president used the word “vermin” to refer to his opponents. – We promise you that we will uproot communists, Marxists, fascists and radical left-wing bandits. These are vermin that live in our country. “They lie, they steal, they cheat in this election, and they will do everything in their power, legally or illegally, to destroy America and destroy the American dream,” Trump said.

This statement indicates which direction the American election campaign is turning a year before the presidential elections. Donald Trump says that “the threat from external forces – whether Russia, China or North Korea – is much smaller than the threat from internal forces.” The former president caused outrage with an entry on the Truth Social website he created. He wrote that prosecutors handling his cases after he comes to power “will end up in a psychiatric hospital.”

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Trump offensive

American political commentators increasingly warn that “if Trump wins next year’s elections, he will use power as a tool of revenge.” – We will throw to the street the sick political class that hates our country. Fake media will start telling the truth. We will evict Joe Biden from the White House and finish the job we started, Trump says.

The aggressive narrative is a problem for moderate members of the Republican Party, whose presidential nomination is almost in Trump’s pocket. The party cannot afford to distance itself from the former president because he is so popular that he could take crowds of supporters with him and lead to a split. The debates in the race for the Republican nomination are de facto a race for second place – Trump does not take part in them. Competitors can only count on the former president’s legal problems being eliminated. – I watched these people. This is unwatchable The last debate had the lowest viewership in the history of politics. So, did we do the right thing by not participating in the debates? Someone, one of the stupid ones, said about me “he has no courage”. Look, I’m standing in front of tens of thousands of people right now and it’s on TV. It’s a lot harder than a debate, Trump claimed.

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In the still hypothetical election duel with Joe Biden, Donald Trump would have a better chance today. At least that’s what a recent poll for The New York Times shows. Trump recorded an advantage in four key swing states. The same newspaper writes that Trump voters are delighted with his plans to fight immigration. These include: police raids, huge camps and mass deportations.

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