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Donald Trump discusses secret plan to attack Iran with unauthorized persons. audio recording

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A former adviser to Donald Trump recorded his conversation with the authors of a book about his presidency, in which he discussed a secret Pentagon document containing plans to attack Iran. His interlocutors had no right to access classified information, CNN reported on Tuesday.

The recording was made routinely by an adviser to the former president. Margo Martin recorded the conversations Donald Trump with the authors to ensure that their comments are taken into account.

The recording obtained by CNN was recorded in 2021 at a golf club. It is evidence in a trial in which Trump is accused of withholding classified documents after he left the White House. In total, Trump was charged with 37 counts of knowingly and unlawfully withholding classified documents and obstructing an investigation.

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There are 37 charges against Donald TrumpPAP/EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

Trump discusses secret plan to attack Iran

The recording shows that the president not only shows and discusses the secret document with unauthorized persons, but also that he is aware that it is classified.

“These are military documents,” Trump says, showing the prepared w Pentagons attack plans Iran.

– General (Mark) Milley said I wanted to attack Iran. Isn’t that amazing. I have this pile of paper here, and this topic just came up. It’s unofficial. He prepared it, not me. These are documents prepared by the Department of Defense. That’s the argument that makes me win this case. Only it’s top secret. As president, I could declassify it, now I can’t. I thought about it because he said I was the one who wanted to attack Iran. Meanwhile, here I have such documents prepared for me by the army. Do you think we can use them? Trump asks in the video.


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