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Donald Trump found guilty. World media about the verdict

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Donald Trump found guilty. Today, media around the world are writing about the case of concealing payment for the silence of porn actress Stormy Daniels. They emphasize that the ruling is a turning point in the US. A verdict whose consequences are unclear.

A jury in state court in Manhattan, New York, convicted the former president Donald Trump guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records in connection with concealing payment for porn actress Stormy Daniels' silence during the 2016 election campaign about their alleged sexual relationship. The ruling is reported in the world's media.

“For the first time in US history, a criminal trial against a former president will end in conviction, after the jury found Donald Trump guilty,” Spiegel reported. The German daily adds that jurors believe Trump covered up a secret payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels. “Trump appears to have accepted the verdict unfazed.”

“A total of 22 people testified, including 20 from the prosecution side. Stormy Daniels spoke in detail about her affair with Trump, Michael Cohen described a secret plan to repay a porn actress, and former publisher of the National Enquier tabloid David Pecker revealed how the newspaper had been falsifying reports since 2015 and bought stories incriminating Trump to help him,” the daily said.

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“Bild”: a turning point in the USA

A sensational verdict after long deliberations – reports Bild. The German daily says the ruling is a “turning point in the US” because no former president has ever been charged with a crime, “let alone convicted.”

The jury's verdict, according to “Bild”, is “politically even more explosive” because Trump is the Republican candidate for the White House with an 81-year-old Democrat Joe Biden.

Donald Trump found guiltyJUSTIN LANE/PAP/EPA

“Liberation”: a verdict whose consequences are unclear

“The verdict turns all established standards and norms upside down, especially since Trump is a candidate for the White House for the third time in a row,” reminds the French daily Liberation.

“Because the revelations revealed by Daniels threatened to undermine Trump's candidacy at the time, the historic verdict delivered eight years later puts the current race for the White House into an unprecedented scenario in which no one can yet predict what the consequences will be,” it noted.

France24: Trump remained stoic

France24 reminds that even if a prison sentence is imposed, Trump will still be able to try to win elections presidential elections, which will take place on November 5.

“According to an AFP journalist, the former tenant of the White House, who shook American democracy over the course of a decade, remained stoic after the verdict was read. Leaving the courtroom he visited every day, he condemned the ruling as 'false' and assured that the 'real verdict' will be made 5 November (on election day – ed.),” he said.

“Le Monde”: Republicans criticize the verdict, democrats praise it

“Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson condemned the verdict, calling it 'a day of shame in American history',” Le Monde noted. The French daily pointed out that, according to Johnson, Democrats “applaud the conviction of the leader of the opposing party on absurd charges.”

“Le Monde” also quoted the comment of the White House, which assured that it “respects the law” and Joe Biden's campaign spokesman, who stated that “we saw today in New York that no one is above the law.”

Donald Trump PAP/EPA/Seth Wenig / POOL

“El Pais”: the reaction of the electorate is unpredictable

The ruling was also observed by “El Pais” journalists. In their opinion, the verdict “causes an earthquake in the American political landscape.” “Although a significant portion of Trump's supporters have said they will continue to support him even if he is found guilty, this is an unprecedented situation and the reaction of the electorate is unpredictable,” it added.

“The jury has found guilty, now the judge must impose a sentence. He will announce it on July 11. The media present in the courtroom indicate that after hearing the verdict, Trump stood speechless, as if petrified. After leaving the court, he was combative and defiant,” noted the Spanish daily.

“La Repubblica”: Trump without the right to vote

“Trump is the first former president of the White House to be convicted in a criminal trial, as well as the first presidential candidate who will campaign as a convicted criminal, which does not prevent him from being elected and taking the position of commander-in-chief of the armed forces,” notes “la Repubblica.”

The Italian daily states that Trump “will not be able to vote because Florida, where he is a resident, prohibits convicted felons from voting.”

“La Stampa”: we are in uncharted territory

“Now all eyes are on Judge Merchan, because it is up to him to turn the verdict into a verdict. We will have to wait for it until July 11,” reminds “La Stampa.”

“Trump faces prison, but it is unlikely that he will be imprisoned on Rikers Island (the island on which the New York Penitentiary is located – ed.). House arrest and certain restrictions, for example on the use of social media, are more likely. We are on uncharted territory,” admits the Italian daily.

Donald Trump was found guilty in a criminal trialOLGA FEDOROVA/PAP/EPA

“BBC”: The Secret Service continues to carry out its mission

The British public broadcaster BBC points out that the Secret Service, whose task is to protect current and former presidents USAissued a statement pointing out that the verdict “has no impact on the way the United States Secret Service carries out its mission.”

The broadcaster's media partner reported that security officers “are monitoring the threat environment and are ready to reinforce forces if necessary.” “However, there are no specific or credible threats at this time and the level of security around Donald Trump remains unchanged,” the BBC adds.

“Politico”: the trial may last for years

“Trump will certainly appeal against the verdict, which may take many months or even years. Meanwhile, he remains accused of other criminal activities in three other court cases,” reminds the Politico website.

“These are two cases regarding the falsification of election results in 2020 and one case regarding the collection of secret documents after leaving office. However, it does not appear that any of these cases will reach court before election day,” he adds.

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