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Donald Trump: I would encourage Russia to do whatever it wants with NATO countries that don’t pay. Rafał Trzaskowski comments

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Two conclusions should be drawn from Donald Trump’s words, said the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, on Sunday in “Fakty po Faktach”. – One is to persuade all our partners to invest more in their defense – he said. The second – he added – is to strengthen the European Union itself.

Donald Trumpwho will most likely be the candidate of the Republican Party this year elections presidential w USAat a campaign rally in South Carolina on Saturday he said he would “encourage” Russia to “do whatever it likes” with NATO countriesthat “don’t pay”, i.e. spend less than 2 percent of GDP on defense.

– I would not defend such a country – said the former – and perhaps future – US president.

Trump on NATO allies: Don’t they pay? Let Russia do with them as it pleasesReuters, TVN24

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Trzaskowski: this is too serious to allow for this type of mistakes

– Two conclusions must be drawn from these words – he said in “Fakty po Faktach” Rafał Trzaskowski. As he pointed out, “one is to persuade all our partners to invest more in their defense.” – If we’re serious about that Germany they should pay their debts for their history, this is today the first thing we should tell the Germans, pay a lot for your army, strengthen NATO – said the president of Warsaw.

The second conclusion that, in his opinion, comes from Trump’s words is the need to strengthen and become independent within the European Union.

Trzaskowski also emphasized that “anyone who runs for such an important office should be very careful to question the readiness of the alliance to defend all member states.” – Our enemies are just waiting for this – argued the KO politician. – I hope this is just a campaign statement, because it is too serious to allow ourselves to make such mistakes – he said.

“We need to spend more money on armaments, on the army”

Trzaskowski noted that it is one thing to warn about a potential threat and prepare for it. – And Poland is preparing for it. We have always been in agreement here, even though we argue on the Polish political scene. We have all always agreed that we need to be strengthened Polish army – said the TVN24 guest. He pointed out that the head of NATO Jens Stoltenberg “makes it clear that NATO will defend every member of the North Atlantic Alliance.”

He also admitted that “we need to spend more money on armaments, on the army.” – Some NATO countries they don’t do that. And this is exactly the conclusion that must be drawn from this. The threat is indeed real, Trzaskowski argued.

He added that “every word, questioning our determination, especially someone who is running for president of the United States, will be used by our enemies and this will retaliate.” – Also the enemies of the United States who look today and see that the Alliance is united and tough. And every word like this simply weakens us. Everyone together, he warned.

 "We need to spend more money on armaments, on the army"

“We need to spend more money on armaments, on the army”TVN24

“Today the most important issue is safety”

In his opinion, this issue should be the topic of the upcoming Cabinet Council. – Today, the most important issue is security, including internal security – he emphasized. He added that the government is currently working on a new law on civil defense, in cooperation with local governments.

– We have to be ready. For eight years PIS he didn’t do it. At every step, we should focus on strengthening our security, so that Putin or anyone else knows that attacking an alliance member simply will not be profitable for him, because he will break his teeth on us – said Trzaskowski.

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