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Donald Trump is blackmailing NATO members. “Everything I say is a form of negotiation”

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In his latest interview, Donald Trump talked a lot about NATO and America's obligations to its allies. In his opinion, the US should not defend allies that spend too little on defense. The former US president said that Poland would be protected by the United States in a situation where our country spends over 2 percent of GDP on defense. Trump is running for the White House again and will face Joe Biden again.

It was a meeting of good old friends. Nigel Farage has interviewed Donald Trump more than once. This time, in an interview for the British GB News, they devoted a lot of attention to NATO and America's obligations towards its allies. – Everything I'm saying is a form of negotiation. Why should we defend rich countries? It is the United States that mostly pays for NATO, said the former US president.

Trump promised that the United States would definitely remain in the Alliance, but warned that Europe should not take advantage of Americans' generosity. Asked if European countries start paying their bills properly, “will places like Poland be defended? Will America be there?”, Trump replied “yes.”

The allies pledged to contribute 2 percent of GDP to defense, but for many years only individual countries met this criterion. Today, Poland is the leader. This year we will spend 3.9 percent of GDP on financing the army and purchasing new equipment. – I can only say that Poland currently spends more on defense than the United States (as a percentage of GDP; the US spends 3.5 percent of GDP on the military – editor's note). I think it is a very noble competition – says Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski.

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Trump has been criticizing NATO for years, and last month he even said that if member countries did not meet their financial obligations, he would encourage Russia to “do whatever it wants.” – My predecessor, the former Republican president, tells Putin: do whatever the hell you want. That's what he said. The former American president bows his head to the Russian leader. It's outrageous, it's dangerous, it's unacceptable, commented Joe Biden, US President.

Donald Trump in an interview with GB News about PolandGB News

Fight for the White House

Joe Biden, who will fight for re-election in November, warns in the strongest terms during meetings with voters against Trump's return to power. – It is no exaggeration to say that our freedom is at stake in the November elections. Donald Trump and his Republicans are trying to take it away from us, he said.

– As a political scientist, I know that threatening the loss of democracy is not the most effective way to defeat Trump. The most important thing is the economy. There are few voters who worry about democracy. We have research showing that in 2016, Hillary Clinton threatened Trump too often and talked too little about the economy, notes Brendan Nyhan, a political scientist.

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However, the rhetoric of these two political rivals has become similar in many respects. Trump says November's presidential election could be the last free election in American history. – Joe Biden is a great threat to democracy. Firstly, because of his incompetence. Moreover, he uses the Department of Justice and the FBI to fight political opponents, including me, Trump said.

During this interview, Nigel Farage, who knows how to capture the audience's attention, also asked about Prince Harry, and more specifically, his drug use. The prince openly admitted this in his autobiography. Trump stated that Harry should not receive special treatment and that if he lied on his visa documents, he should perhaps leave the United States.

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