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Donald Trump is due to appear in court in New York to hear the charges. Łukasz Pawłowski and Michał Wawrykiewicz comment

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Donald Trump flew to New York, where he is expected to face criminal charges on Tuesday. Attorney Michał Wawrykiewicz explained in “Fakty po Faktach” that “charges will be presented at the hearing, fingerprints will be taken, court photos will be taken.” The co-host of “American Podcast” Łukasz Pawłowski talked about how supporters of the former president might react to this situation.

Donald Trump He is due to appear in a New York court on Tuesday, where he is expected to officially hear the charges. Last week, a jury decided to prosecute the former president of the United States indicted in an investigation into porn actress Stormy Daniels’ alleged silence during the 2016 election campaign. Trump will be the first former president to face criminal charges.

On Monday, a convoy of several vehicles escorted Trump from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, to a nearby airport, from where he flew to New York. On the apron, the businessman and politician got out of his SUV and, together with his assistants, boarded a private Boeing 757. The plane is painted blue, red and white, with an American flag on the tail and the word “Trump” on the side.

Trump left Florida. He was escorted to the airport by a convoy of several vehiclesReuters

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Dozens of Trump supporters cheered at the Florida airport and along the route to it, waving banners and flags.

The column with Trump arrived at the airport in Florida. Cameras recorded the take-off of the former president’s private Boeing 757 Reuters

Around 9:30 p.m. Polish time (3:30 p.m. in New York), the plane with Trump on board landed in New York. The former president previously announced on social media that he would drive to Trump Tower in Manhattan after arriving in the city, and then to court on Tuesday morning.

Donald Trump flew to New York

Donald Trump flew to New YorkReuters

Wawrykiewicz: it will be a kind of theater for the media and Trump

The sociologist Łukasz Pawłowski, journalist of “Kultura Liberalna” and co-host of “American Podkast” and attorney Michał Wawrykiewicz from Initiative Wolne Sądy discussed what could happen on Tuesday in the New York court and the situation around Trump in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. for several months he was recently on a scholarship in USA.

As the lawyer said, “tomorrow it will only be a formal meeting, where charges will be presented, fingerprints taken, court photos taken.” – So it will be a kind of theater for sure for the media and also for Trump, who will try to use it – he commented.

“I don’t think there will even be a court affidavit because Trump has announced that he will immediately return to Mar-a-Lago, Florida, where he intends to make a speech to his constituents that will probably indicate that this is a political trial.” Wawrykiewicz added.

The TVN24 guest pointed out that “so far the case has not gone to court, it is only at the preliminary stage.” “There will certainly be motions from defense lawyers to dismiss the charges at this stage,” he said.

– There will be no decision yet, certainly not tomorrow. If the decision is negative for Trump, it can still be appealed. So it’s definitely going to be a couple of months before the case goes to the jury, the right jury – not the one that charges, but the one that will eventually lead the trial, that will decide whether he’s guilty or not – added.

Wawrykiewicz: it will be a kind of theater for the media and Trump

Wawrykiewicz: it will be a kind of theater for the media and TrumpTVN24, Reuters

Mass protests in New York? Pawlowski: I don’t think so

Pawłowski was asked if he expected mass protests in connection with Trump supporters, including his appearance in court. – I don’t think so. I think there are many more people in New York who would like to see Trump behind bars than those who would like to defend him.

Will there be mass protests in New York?  Pawlowski: I don't think so

Will there be mass protests in New York? Pawlowski: I don’t think soTVN24, Reuters Archive

– I would be more afraid of the actions of the so-called lone wolves in the US, i.e. unbalanced people, fixated on Trump, blindly devoted to him, who – as in the US – have no access to weapons and can do something terrible. More so than some big mass protests that will turn into an assault on the court – he said.

Lawyer: The current government team should watch this process closely

According to Attorney Wawrykiewicz, “this is a very important moment for American democracy and American rule of law.”

– Many people say that the American rule of law is facing a great test and democracy as such. Trump hopes this trial will only win him sympathizers and he will play the role of the victim, but today’s research published on CNN says that as many as 66 percent of Americans believe it is right that he will be prosecuted. Even among Republicans, only 79 percent oppose it, the lawyer said.

He said the allegations “are serious,” but other ongoing Trump investigations are even more serious. “Trump is in trouble and that would be a good signal to American democracy, but also to the world, that there are no sacred cows, no such overpowering protection for people who are highly positioned, protected and powerful,” he continued.

He added that “it will certainly be very difficult for him to end up behind bars, because this process will be very long.” – But this is a very important process that shows that responsibility can be borne by all persons, including the president – emphasized Wawrykiewicz.

– I think it is also very interesting for us, for Poland – he added. He said that “especially the current government team should watch this process closely, in the context of what was happening, that there are no sacred cows and the time of responsibility will come someday.”

Allegations against the election campaign

Pawłowski was asked whether the allegations against Trump would affect the choice of the Republican candidate for the presidential election and how they could affect the election campaign.

The journalist argued that the most important question concerns what happens if the former president is not held accountable and they choose him as the candidate of the Republican party. In his opinion, there are “many Republicans who don’t love Trump”, but “if the party names him, they will vote for him anyway.”

Main photo source: Reuters

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