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Donald Trump met with Elon Musk, the New York Times reports

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Donald Trump is looking for a way to finance the presidential election campaign. He met billionaire Elon Musk on Sunday in Florida, wrote the New York Times. Wealthy Republican Party donors were also expected to participate in the conversation.

Donald Trump is looking for money to cover campaign expenses. That’s why on Sunday he met in Palm Beach, Florida, with Elon Musk – one of the richest people in the world, whose fortune is estimated at about $200 billion. Several wealthy donors to the Republican Party also participated in the conversation, the New York Times reported, citing anonymous informants.

Convergence of views

The newspaper recalled that Musk had repeatedly criticized Trump in the past and had not expressed support for his candidacy in recent months. However, the billionaire’s recent comments on social media – according to the American daily – are intended to suggest that he wishes Biden to fail in November elections presidential.

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Donald Trump speaks to his supporters in Palm Beach, FloridaCRISTOBAL HERRERA-ULASHKEVICH/PAP/EPA

According to the New York Times, the most important issue that could possibly determine Musk’s support for Trump is the convergence of their views on migration policy. They both support the need to quickly stop the influx of migrants to Poland USA.

“NYT” analyzes that with Musk’s support, Trump could reduce Biden’s advantage over him. As the daily adds, Muska is followed by 175 million users on the X platform, thanks to which he has a large influence on public opinion.

Victory during “Super Tuesday”

Trump won 14 Republican primaries on Super Tuesday, while Biden – 16 out of 16 resolved Democratic primaries. As a result, both are practically certain of their parties’ nominations in the November presidential elections.

Nikki HaleyDonald Trump’s last significant rival in the race for the presidential nomination from the Republican Party, retreats – American media reported on Wednesday, citing sources close to the candidate. The final blow for Haley was Super Tuesday and she won only one of the races.


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