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Donald Trump sentenced. Experts on the possible impact of the verdict on voters' votes

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The jury's verdict in Donald Trump's criminal case will not influence Americans' voting decisions, experts say. Marcin Wojciechowski, a publicist and commentator on international affairs, and an American studies scholar at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, prof. Zbigniew Lewicki pointed out in the “Day after day” program on TVN24 that the views about the former US president are entrenched.

A jury in state court in Manhattan, New York, convicted the former president Donald Trump guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records in connection with concealing payment for porn actress Stormy Daniels' silence during the 2016 election campaign about their alleged sexual relationship.

Publicist and commentator on international affairs Marcin Wojciechowski said in the “Day after day” program on TVN24 that the verdict will not have a significant impact on Americans' electoral decisions. – Donald Trump's voters are divided into a concrete electorate, his followers, who, regardless of what the courts decide, these people will support him – he pointed out.

– However, the second, much larger part, are people who already have an opinion about him based on information that has been circulating for many years, and they will not learn anything they did not know. But they are still ready to vote for Trump for other reasons, he added.

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Wojciechowski: The verdict will not have a major impact on Americans' electoral decisionsTVN24

– What is characteristic here is a saying that was common among Trump voters in the United States in 2020: “I don't vote for Trump, I vote for what he says.” This means distancing themselves from him as a person, but they vote for him because what he says is important to them, he explained.

Marcin Wojciechowski emphasized that Trump's tactic in dealing with the accusations is very simple, i.e. “do not refer to the merits at all, but accuse the other side of being a set up.”

– He is setting it up in such a way that it is not a matter of what it really is, which is about money, falsifying documents, improper inclusion of expenses in campaign costs, but that it is a completely political matter – he added.

Wojciechowski: voters distance themselves from Trump as a person, but they vote for him

Wojciechowski: voters distance themselves from Trump as a person, but they vote for himTVN24

Prof. Lewicki: the situation in the US will continue to be very tense

Americanist from Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw prof. Zbigniew Lewicki pointed out that what is unprecedented is not only the fact that he is a former president USA was found guilty, but that this person “still has a great chance of becoming president of the United States.”

– Let us remember that the mere fact that the jury issues a verdict does not end the case. Trump will have the right to appeal, he will definitely use it. Those who believed in Trump and believed that the trial was unequal and that the judge was biased against him will not change their mind, he emphasized.

Donald Trump was found guilty in a criminal trialOLGA FEDOROVA/PAP/EPA

– Those who thought it was the other way around won't change their minds either. This will only inflame the gap that is increasingly emerging in the United States between those who believe that the establishment will do everything to prevent their candidate from entering the White House and those who believe that Trump is a criminal by nature, he added.

– The situation in the United States will continue to be very tense in this respect. Elections will be dramatic, but I don't think voters will change their minds as a result of what happened, he concluded.

Main photo source: OLGA FEDOROVA/PAP/EPA

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