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Donald Tusk commented on the words of Rafał Trzaskowski about the “duper”, high coal prices and local elections

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Donald Tusk referred to the words of Rafał Trzaskowski, who said in one of the interviews that he used to be a “duper”. The former prime minister and leader of the PO said that the apologies of the president of Warsaw were the most appropriate comment. He added that everyone says “something not fully thought out or not fully wise”. The chairman of the Civic Platform (PO) was also asked about high coal prices and a possible postponement of the local elections.

Donald Tusk, the leader of the Civic Platform, is on Tuesday visiting Wrocław. He answered questions from journalists who asked him, inter alia, for a comment on the words of the President of Warsaw. Rafał Trzaskowski said in one of the interviews that he used to be a “jerk”. On Tuesday, Trzaskowski apologized for using this term.

– The only and the most appropriate comment is Rafał Trzaskowski’s apologies, which he announced exactly when I was visiting the mayors of Wrocław and Jelenia Góra. It seems to me that this is the only sensible reaction. It’s good that he apologized – said Tusk.

He added that everyone says “something not fully thought out or not fully wise”. – But not everyone can afford to quickly and unequivocally apologize for inappropriate words and phrases. I think that everyone – and rightly so – felt offended, touched by this unfortunate phrase (…). It seems to me that President Trzaskowski’s apology is the right and sufficient response. It was not happy, (was) weak, but what else is he to do? – noted the head of the PO.

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He expressed the hope that the apology would satisfy all those who rightly felt touched by the statement by the President of Warsaw.

Asked whether such words are not derogatory to women, Tusk replied that “this type of formulation should never fall from anyone’s lips”. – For women, words or phrases of this type are something unacceptable. Let me emphasize once again – I appreciate such a strong, unequivocal apology. There is no combination. He did something for which he should apologize and apologized – repeated Tusk.

Tusk on making Poland a “great energy desert”

One of the questions at the meeting of the former prime minister and PO leader with journalists concerned high coal prices.

– They rule for seven years and they really had enough time to secure Poland in terms of energy. They blocked the windmills, deceived people when it comes to photovoltaics, they brought in record amounts of Russian coal and today, when there is the first serious moment of the trial, they are not able to provide Poles with coal, Tusk mentioned.

– It means that they really fell on their heads (in order – ed.) To make Poland a huge energy desert when it comes to coal – he added.

Prices go up sharply, problems with buying. “The situation is completely new, unusual

Tusk on making Poland a “great energy desert”TVN24

Tusk: genuine democracy consists in knowing when the elections are held

The leader of the PO was also asked if he was in favor of accelerating local elections. Ryszard Terlecki, head of the PiS club and deputy speaker of the Sejm, said on Monday that the government camp is determined to “propose a bill that will postpone the local elections by six months”.

– Real, genuine democracy is knowing when the elections are held. If we allow for the fact that due to some ambiguities or ambiguities in the law, the government and the ruling party will manipulate the dates of local elections, it is afraid to think what could be the next step – he replied.

According to Tusk, “there is no reason to postpone the elections”. – Even if some local government officials decided that it was cool to have a six-month term longer, it is not a sufficient reason to devastate the legal order, the political order in Poland – commented the chairman of the Civic Platform.

Main photo source: TVN24

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