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Donald Tusk in Koszalin. The head of PO spoke about high prices, PiS and Confederation politicians

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The whole of Poland has seen for years how they steal shamelessly and with impunity. If, after the next election, they are not removed from power and their every theft is accounted for, it will never end, Donald Tusk said in Koszalin about the government. The head of PO also spoke about the Confederation, a party that “pretends to be an opposition party”, and whose goal – in his opinion, coincides with the goal of Law and Justice – is to lead Poland out of the European Union.

Head of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk met on Friday with several thousand inhabitants of Koszalin. Among other things, he spoke about inflation and expensive. – We have been waiting for this holiday for a long time, even if most Polish families either had to give up going to the seaside or the mountains because of the rampant prices, or counted every penny to save for this week or two by the sea – he addressed the gathered.

– I am very happy that I am in such great company and with such nice weather, but I imagined that if someone is near the sea today, in Koszalin, in Kołobrzeg, they will not want to spend these two hours here, in the Koszalin Amphitheater, and you are almost five thousand here, it is filled to the brim. Thank you, he admitted.

Donald Tusk in KoszalinPhotos of the organizer

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Tusk: We are united by hope and the growing certainty that this change will take place

Tusk went on to say that when he started his tour, his team had “a certain internal anxiety about whether people would want to talk, tired of this depressing everyday life, discouraged from politics”. – Because when you watch what has been happening in Poland on a daily basis for years, how the authorities function, it can actually make you sick from what is pouring out every day from websites or TV screens – he said.

– The beginnings were so cautious. 50 people came, 200 people, and so from month to month, from meeting to meeting, driving from town, city, Polish countryside, every week for these two years I watched something awaken in people. And when half a million people in Warsaw took to the street smiling, but at the same time determined for a great political confrontation with evil, then I said words that some thought were exaggerated: that the giant has woken up, that this energy, hope, this courage of yours no one will stop it, he said.

He mentioned that “later Warsaw was followed by Jelenia Góra, Kłodzko, Poznań, Wrocław”. – Everywhere we see thousands of cool, wise, beautiful faces of Polish women and men who come to talk, to think with Poland in their hearts about what needs to be changed in Poland – he continued.

– Because it’s not just about us meeting in the amphitheater. Would you prefer, and I would prefer, that someone with a good voice and great hearing perform here and sing something cool. After all, what unites us, and I say this with full conviction, are millions (people) all over Poland. It is both hope and growing certainty that this change will take place, he said.

Tusk on “big money for people in power, at the expense of Polish families’ wallets”

Boss AFTER he also mentioned a tour of PO politicians around tourist towns, who on “fatty cat alleys” show the earnings of people associated with the ruling party, earning millions in state-owned companies.

– In recent days, my friends, colleagues from the Civic Coalition, decided to go out on the street with a clear illustration of the evil that is happening in Poland. They called it “millionaires with PiS” – he described.

– In many Polish towns there are figures cut out of plywood with faces full of pride and self-satisfaction of the highest functionaries and activists of PiS and this authority. And this is accompanied by information about how many jobs it was possible to get jobs for oneself and the family while in PiS authorities, to earn money, and in the end to steal many of them. These are the amounts that really stun Poles – he commented.

“Alley of Fat Cats” in Międzyzdroje. “Ordinary Poles have to tighten their belts, and PiS nominees get very rich”TVN24

Tusk mentioned that his “favorite” in this matter is the president of Orlen Daniel Obajtek. – He gained 7 million 200 thousand zlotys – he announced. – In addition, all those who went on vacation a few days ago or think about going with their family to Kołobrzeg, Ustka, Dziwnówek in the coming days or weeks, they know very well when they fill up with gas, on whom Mr. Obajtek made money – added.

He noted that “all these data, all these names, all these extremely gloomy and depressing cases are a lot of money for people in power, at the expense of Polish families’ wallets.”

– I want to tell you that this is one of the reasons why we must treat the words “change”, “belief in winning”, “we are not afraid”, “we have the strength to change” deadly seriously – he said.

“This is perhaps the key issue,” he said. – The whole of Poland has seen for years how they steal shamelessly and with impunity. If, after the next election, they are not removed from power and accounted for for each of their thefts, this will never end, he assessed.

Donald Tusk in KoszalinPhotos of the organizer

Tusk: Do not have any doubts about people like Mr. Korwin, Mr. Braun

The chairman of the Civic Platform also spoke about the politicians of the Confederation, which he called “a party that pretends to be the opposition”. “Remember that this election is deadly serious. Don’t get brainwashed. Listen carefully, because you have a thousand opportunities to get to the truth about the ruling PiS and the PiS annex pretending to be the opposition – he emphasized.

There is – as he said – “a party that pretends to be the opposition, which is already known, because it came to light in those famous Dworczyk e-mails and not only that PiS has actually prepared a certain annex that pretends to be the opposition a bit, but yes he really is arch-PiS in many matters”. The leader of PO explained that it was about a party that voted “against the regulations that are supposed to protect Polish children from violence, which sometimes ends in death.”

In this way, he referred to the amendment to the Family and Guardianship Code passed on Thursday by the Sejm, which is intended to strengthen the protection of children against violence. The draft of this novella was created a few days after the death of 8-year-old Kamil from Częstochowa. The changes were supported by almost the entire Sejm. Eleven deputies from the Confederation and the Wolności Party voted against the amendment.

– People need to open their eyes. Politics is not a one-time joke: “I’ll do it to spite this, that”. We, as voters, will hand over Poland to another team, and not only Poland’s security, its presence in the EU, but also the safety of all Polish children will depend on it, stressed Tusk.

– The leader of this party posted a photo of himself with his daughters on one of the social media platforms with the caption: I support symbolic violence. So, beating children, in short. What do you need to keep in mind and what can someone who is running for power and who with such an extraordinary sense of humor take their children, take a picture of them and say that they support violence? – He asked.

He noted that “of course politicians can promise different things.” – In Poland today, it does not matter much who outbids whom in various ideas for the future. You have probably noticed that some voters are even ready to swallow such nonsense that appears in the public space today, such as that there will be no taxes, no public health care, no need to pay pensions at all. Such freaks appear. People don’t take it seriously,” he said.

“I want to tell you that there’s one thing you can’t doubt. Our task is to protect Poland from the synthesis of violence and contempt for people, including our children. Because today it is not only the Confederation with its leaders, Braun or Korwin – he said. He mentioned that Korwin-Mikke “found time the day before yesterday to speak from the Sejm rostrum about how important it is to be able to beat children.”

– So do not have any doubts about people like Mr. Korwin, Mr. Braun or Mr. Mejza, who today supports PiS, who took advantage of the naivety of suffering parents and tried to earn really big money from the suffering of parents and the suffering of children. On sick children. These are the people. They are seeking even more power.

At the same time, he drew attention to one postulate. – This is a simple postulate, they are convinced of it and it does not require any extraordinary operations. PiS speaks half-heartedly about it, the Confederation speaks about it openly. Their goal is to take Poland out of the European Union, he declared.

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