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Donald Tusk in Morąg: the transfer of power is not going smoothly

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During a meeting with the inhabitants of Morąg (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship), Donald Tusk assessed that the transfer of power by his predecessors “is not going smoothly.” As he emphasized, “democracy is about everyone respecting the common rules of the game.” The Prime Minister also referred to the international situation and emphasized that it is necessary to “wake up European politicians and societies in favor of a common, intensive defense policy understood as joint investments.”

– Transfer of power by those who lost electionsthe coalition that won the elections – to put it mildly – is not going smoothly, Tusk said.

As he pointed out, the essence of democracy is that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. – You lost, convince people and you will return to power. (…) And you must respect the basic rule of the game: when there are elections, a change of power, you cannot question this fact – said the head of government. As he added, “democracy means that everyone respects the common rules of the game, that everyone respects the rules of action, and that everyone loses and wins according to them.”

Tusk also said that for two years he had been talking about disturbing phenomena on the border with Ukraine. – I met with farmers in Lower Silesia and they said they did not understand why there was so silence on this matter. In an issue that may or may not be a matter for Polish farmers, i.e. competition from Ukrainian products that do not have to meet European standards, he pointed out.

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As he emphasized, Poland should do everything, together with the Western community, so that Ukraine does not lose the war with Russiabut at the same time, we cannot allow imprecise and ill-considered decisions to directly harm the interests of thousands of farmers.

Tusk on the European Union and Russia

During the meeting with the inhabitants of Morąg, the Prime Minister emphasized that European Union “it cannot be an economic and civilizational giant and a dwarf when it comes to defense issues, because the world has changed.” – Russia, China, Iran, North Korea – this is an axis that is a bit reminiscent of the times of the Cold War. And what’s more, we have a hot war right on our borders. We cannot afford any risk in this matter as Poland and Europe, he said.

The head of government recalled that “the European Union has an economy eight times larger than Russia.” – EUR 16 trillion – this is the income of the European Union, with Russia’s EUR 2 trillion. And if we deduct the money that comes only from the sale of gas and oil, the Russian economy has no chance at all in a confrontation with the European one. The population of the European Union is four, maybe five times greater than that of Russia, he pointed out.

He added that Russia is “embroiled in a war with Ukraine, which is resisting exceptionally bravely, which makes Russia weaker, not stronger.” – We need to wake up European politicians and societies for a common, intensive defense policy understood as joint investments. European money must also go to defense. We, as a country bordering Russia – on the front – must make a gigantic effort, and it must be a joint effort. There can be no divisions into left, right or center here, he pointed out.

– The world is in some way shaking to its foundations – we all listen with extreme anxiety sometimes words of political leaders, for example in the United Stateswho put a question mark on whether NATO will actually be ready, and above all United States will be ready for full solidarity with others NATO countries in this confrontation with Russia that promises to last for a long time, Tusk said, referring to his last famous statement Donald Trump.

According to the Prime Minister, a far-sighted policy is needed and the restoration of “possibly good relations with everyone in the European Union without exception.” – If we want to influence them, they must respect us. They also need to understand that we really know what we are talking about. That’s one of the reasons why I’ll be in Paris and Berlin tomorrow. I want to rebuild the Weimar Triangle, i.e. cooperation between Poland, Germany and France, as quickly as possible. This is important from a security point of view. France has a large nuclear potential, so it is a key NATO state when it comes to the power competition between the European Union and Russia. We cannot abandon this issue one inch to anyone in Europe, he said.

Main photo source: Tomasz Waszczuk/PAP

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