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Donald Tusk in Wałbrzych. He spoke about the rights of women and transgender people

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The leader of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, declared on Tuesday in Wałbrzych that if his party won the elections, he would guarantee legal access to abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy after consulting the patient with a doctor. He also promised the introduction of civil unions and a review of transgender law.

The leader of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, who has been in Lower Silesia for two days on Tuesday, met with the inhabitants of Wałbrzych and the surrounding area. One of the discussion participants asked about proposed legal solutions for non-heteronormative persons.

The head of the Civic Platform said that if the Law and Justice lost the next parliamentary elections, it would mean that “xenophobia, contempt for difference, lack of respect for people of different sexual or transgender orientation” would have lost.

He admitted that in the Civic Platform there are people with “different types of sensitivity” regarding the rights of non-heteronormative people. – I try, and sometimes I get it in my head, to pursue a policy of effective, though too slow from the point of view of the environments you mentioned, march towards modernity and tolerance, which must also take root in our heads and hearts, not only in laws – he said.

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He announced that if he won the elections, he would decide to legalize civil unions. – I know that this is the first step and I know that it is still not always popular in various, not only political, environments, but we must show that in matters of human dignity, including the dignity of people with a different sexual orientation than the more dominant one, here there can be no purely political calculation that, for example, it is not profitable to make a decision, because it will not have the support of the majority, he emphasized.

Tusk: the defeat of PiS will mean that xenophobia has lost, contempt for dissimilarityTVN24

Donald Tusk on the right to abortion

As for the issue of adoption of children by same-sex persons, he added – the debate on this issue “is still ahead of us”. – It is not only about possible administrative or legislative decisions. I would very much like people to start accepting and understanding issues that they have not understood so far – he said.

– If you ask me if the right to adopt children is to be decided right after the elections, I don’t know that today. I do not want to give a word knowing that for these slightly more ambitious decisions of moral character, a majority in the parliament, he stressed.

Donald Tusk in WałbrzychTVN24

The PO leader also announced that the right to terminate pregnancy will be relaxed. – We have this project concerning legal abortion up to the 12th week, which is to be a decision of a woman in consultation with a doctor, and not a decision of a priest, prosecutor and PiS activist. We can guarantee it one hundred percent – he said.

Donald Tusk on the rights of transgender people

In turn, referring to the situation of transgender people, Tusk assessed that the legal procedure in this matter is humiliating, because he orders such people to sue their parents. – These regulations on transgenderism need to be looked at in detail so that there are no obstacles that are so devastating for the psyche, especially when it comes to a young person or a child – he emphasized.

He stated that in Poland we are dealing with a record number of suicides among children. – One of the reasons is this breathlessness, the feeling that the authority, referring to tradition or religion, suppresses those people who simply want to live with dignity – he pointed out.

– They do not want to impose anything on anyone, but they want to live as they can, as they simply deserve, because everyone has the right to their own way of life, to their own dignity, and those who have a different view must accept it, that their view of life and values ​​is their view and does not have to be binding for all the others – stressed Tusk.

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