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Donald Tusk in Wrocław – meeting of the Civic Coalition club. PO leader on changing the venue of the PiS convention

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Donald Tusk, the leader of the Civic Platform, stated that “more and more Poles know that what we do makes sense.” “Even though we’ve been in opposition for eight years, we suddenly regained a sense of agency and people appreciate it,” he said during a speech at an away meeting of the KO parliamentary club. He also referred, among other things, to the change of the venue of Saturday’s PiS convention and the proposal for a referendum on migrants.

Leader of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk during a speech at an away meeting of the parliamentary club of the Civic Coalition in Wrocław, he thanked all activists for preparing a series of meetings taking place in Lower Silesia. He stressed that it was an important region for the group. – Lower Silesia has always been an important place, in this place we have always felt great support from people – he addressed the gathered.

Tusk also recalled meetings with voters in individual cities of the region, including the last meeting on Monday in Kłodzko. – Everyone was in shock. I was also shocked when I saw over two thousand people, two hours, it was plus 50 degrees in the hall, no one left. Kłodzko has less than 26,000 inhabitants, and I haven’t seen a single bus, nobody brought anyone, Tusk said.

An away meeting of the Parliamentary Club of the Civic CoalitionPAP/Tomasz Golla

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– Every day I have the feeling that more and more Poles know what is really going on in Poland; that more and more Poles know that what we do makes sense and that it brings hope – he said.

He also recalled the conversations he had during meetings with voters. – Moving people and regaining faith and hope is the greatest gift, the greatest gift we could receive from people – he said. He emphasized that he appreciated the effort and commitment of all activists.

Tusk: Suddenly we regained a sense of agency. And people appreciate it too

He also talked about the rising ratings of KO w pollsincluding in recent CBOS research, where – as he pointed out – KO for the third month in a row has recorded a jump of 4 percentage points. So we have reason to be satisfied. In two years, we achieved a jump of 16 percent. We also have this very important feeling in politics that even though we are in the opposition, even though it has been going on for eight years, we suddenly regained the sense of agency. And people appreciate it too, he said.

– It is not only a matter of hope and faith, it is not only the feeling that the wave has started, or – as we say – that the giant has woken up, but it is also a growing awareness in Poland that we can be causative even in the opposition. And that we really do find and try wherever we can to find practical solutions to human problems,’ he stressed.

Tusk also said about the Monday meeting in Kłodzko with the inhabitants of Młoty, where the construction of a pumped-storage power plant is planned. – The construction of this power plant began in the 1970s, and PIS returned to this idea relatively recently, disregarding the interests of the inhabitants. There, the expropriations will look extremely brutal, it is the Central Communications Prot to the cube (…) everything that PiS does sooner or later turns out to be to the detriment of people – he stated.

Donald TuskPAP/Tomasz Golla

Tusk on the “interesting debut of the new campaign leadership”

Chairman AFTER he also mentioned KGHM. He argued that during the rule of PO, Polska Miedź became a “world brand”. – The future of this company seemed unthreatened. Tensions have arisen again today. I have heard many times that if anything has really increased in KGHM, it is the number of positions in the management board and its staff. Several hundred people from PiS got really great jobs, he said.

Tusk also raised the topic of changing the venue of Saturday’s PiS convention from Łódź to Lower Silesia. – This is an interesting debut of the new campaign leadership – to offend both Lower Silesia and Łódź at the same time – he said, appealing to the inhabitants of Wrocław to participate in the rally of the Civic Coalition, which is to take place on Saturday.

Tusk on changing the venue of the PiS convention: an interesting debut of the new campaign leadershipTVN24

Tusk also said that during meetings with residents, one of the most frequently discussed issues are matters related to poviat hospitals. – We see queues, a complete collapse (…) it doesn’t have to be like this with health care in Poland. Today, health care is an example of the state’s complete helplessness and we must radically change this, he announced.

“The future government of the Civic Coalition will regain control over Polish borders”

The leader of PO also referred to the referendum on migrants announced by PiS. – PiS brought a record number of migrants to Poland – 135,000 visas and work permits were issued in 2021 for workers from Muslim countries. And at the same time a gigantic campaign accusing us and humiliating migrants – said Tusk, emphasizing that he is a supporter of the policy of openness.

He added that “the future government of the Civic Coalition will regain control over Polish borders.” – Build a reasonable, responsible and safe migration policy. We will pursue a modern migration policy, i.e. an open state, but allowing only those whom it wants to admit, said Tusk.

Tusk also raised the issue Turów mine. – Turów was brought to the brink of catastrophe. After what they did, there were still many solutions that would allow to get out of this bend (…) they did nothing, only entered into conflict with the Czech Republic, Germany, the entire European Union over a matter that could be resolved. They brought Turów to the situation it is and now they say that they will go there to push this incredibly arrogant narrative into people’s heads that the predecessors are to blame, but not them – he said.

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Golla

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