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Donald Tusk lost his driving license. Politicians’ comments

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The chairman of the Civic Platform party, Donald Tusk, lost his driving license for speeding for three months. Political comments, mostly critical, followed the former prime minister’s traffic offense. Tusk “put the inhabitants of Mława in danger” – noted Andrzej Dera from the president’s office in “Kawa na Ławę” on TVN24. Katarzyna Lubnauer from the Civic Coalition stressed that the matter “should be taken seriously”, although she admitted that “unfortunately we all exceed speed”. Many critical posts in social media indicate the tragic death statistics on Polish roads.

On Saturday, the chairman of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk was driving through the built-up area at a speed of 107 km / h – 57 km / h too fast – for which he received a fine of PLN 500 and his driving license was retained. The incident took place in Wiśniewo near Mława (Mazowieckie Province). Soon after, Tusk confirmed on Twitter that he “violated the road law”. “There is a penalty of detaining the driving license for 3 months plus 10 points and a fine. Adequate. I accepted it without discussion” – added the former prime minister.


Lubnauer: This should be taken seriously

The case was one of the discussion threads in “Kawa na Ławę” on TVN24. Tusk’s guilt was commented by Katarzyna Lubnauer from the Civic Coalition. – It is important that the leader of the group goes with the driver – she assessed. – Unfortunately, it happens that we all exceed the speed limit. He exceeded, confessed, got a penalty, which is very severe for every driver, i.e. the loss of a driving license for three months – she added. In her opinion, the matter “should be taken seriously”, although in this case it “is clear and finished”. The deputy admitted that once in her life she exceeded the speed by 20 kilometers per hour.

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– (Donald Tusk) put the inhabitants of Mława in danger – said Andrzej Der, the secretary of state in the office of the president, who was present in the studio.

Katarzyna Lubnauer in the program “Coffee on the bench” about speeding by Donald TuskTVN24

“We are all equal before the law. Apart from PiS members”

Donald Tusk’s traffic offense caused an avalanche of comments on Twitter (we cite all tweets in the original spelling).

“D. Tusk lost his driving license. He exceeded the speed by 50 km. If it happened to one of the PiS leaders, the policemen would lose their jobs, the matter would be classified, the monitoring recordings would self-destruct, and the speed meter would be lost as a result of staff distraction,” wrote the former prime minister and MEP Leszek Miller.

“We are all equal before the law. Apart from PiS members,” wrote Cezary Tomczyk, a member of the Civic Coalition.

“The chairman is ‘grounded’ for three months … Maybe an early election ?!” – KO Senator Bogdan Zdrojewski asked ironically.

MEP of the Civic Platform and the head of Polish diplomacy under Donald Tusk, Radosław Sikorski, joked that the former prime minister “forced the Seicento driver to accelerate”. In this way, he referred to the collision of the government column carrying the then Prime Minister Beata Szydło in Oświęcim in 2017. In July last year, the district court found that the driver of the seicento was guilty of manslaughter.

“Only for power it is worth rushing less slowly. On the road, however, it costs a lot” – noted the former Prime Minister, currently MEP Marek Belka.

“You have to fight the pirates”

Other comments are less lenient for the head of the Civic Platform. “107 km / h in built-up areas. PLN 500 mandate for Donald Tusk. This is nothing against his income. You can see how changes in the road traffic law were needed. You have to fight pirates” – said the head of the Government Analyzes Center and the secretary of state at the office Prime Minister Norbert Maliszewski.

Janusz Kowalski, a member of the Law and Justice party associated with Solidarna Polska, called Tusk a “road pirate” and accused him of breaking the law. Deputy Speaker of the Senate Marek Pęk said: “if it doesn’t go, it doesn’t go”. In a comment to the post, which the PO leader posted on Twitter, Pęk pasted a scan of the recent cover of the “Newsweek” weekly, presenting Tusk on a white horse. “Some covers are prophetic …” – he assessed.

Witold Tumanowicz from the Confederation wrote: “Another thing that connects Donald Tusk and Jarosław Kaczyński. They do not have a driving license.” Sławomir Mentzen from the same group stated that “since Tusk has equaled Kaczyński with his driving license, he maintains his advantage only due to the fact that he has a bank account”.

“It’s about life”

Some commentators recalled the tragic statistics on Polish roads. “We have 3,000 casualties on Polish roads every year. No, this should not happen to anyone, regardless of status or views,” wrote Hanna Gill-Piątek, president of the Polish 2050 club.

“The speed limit is not about doing ‘out of spite’ to drivers, here # ChodziOŻycie! Thousands of people die on Polish roads each year, and thousands more are injured. It has to be stopped! No matter who you are, what functions you perform and how much You are in a hurry – the gas foot! ” – Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, a member of the Left, appealed. In an earlier entry, she judged that “losing her driving license is nothing compared to losing all public confidence.”

“It wasn’t some kind of offense. You were driving Mr. 107 in a built-up! It’s the speed of a potential road killer. This behavior kills people and we have one of the worst #BRD statistics in Europe. The word” sorry “will not even pass through the throat in this situation?” – asked the leader of the Warsaw association Miasto Jest Nasze Jan Mencwel.

“Maybe now for a bicycle, Mr. President? This may be the beginning of a beautiful adventure, and at the same time learning how mean can be fast-moving cars” – suggested Maciej Gdula, MP from Lewica. He also referred to those voices that downplayed Tusk’s guilt. “I do not understand the hysterical reactions to the criticism of Tusk’s road piracy. Politicians should set an example of safe driving. This is not some kind of support bars game here, it really is #ChodziOzycie. Drive the law should be repeated together with #szczepimysie!”.

Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell / PAP

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