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Donald Tusk on a conversation with Jarosław Kaczyński. The PiS president was to talk about cleaning the country with a “dirty rag”

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On Monday, Donald Tusk described the conversation he was supposed to have years ago with Jarosław Kaczyński, the president of Law and Justice. The leader of the Civic Platform was then asked to Kaczyński “why there are so many scoundrels in his party.” “He said that one can clean the country even with a dirty rag,” wrote Tusk.

“Many years ago I asked Kaczynski why there are so many scoundrels in his party. He said that cleaning in the country can be done using even dirty rags. He did not mention the names. Guess for yourself” – wrote the head of the PO.


Donald Tusk on “the metaphor of today”

Tusk also referred to Jarosław Kaczyński on Saturday, when he was a guest of the convention of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy. He said then that he had recently watched “The Lion King” with his grandchildren and believed that it was “actually a metaphor for today”. He recalled that one of the characters in the film was the evil lion Scar, “and it was dark around him or there was a fire, a complete ruin, and his people, his power were those hyenas who were only involved in robbing their own citizens and were working, those film hyenas, solely in your own interest. “

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– And in fact, in my opinion, there is no exaggeration in this metaphor, in this metaphor. Today, when it is necessary to stand on the field of the most serious struggle of the last few decades, president Kaczyński and the authorities are dealing with the defense some mister (Łukasz) Mejzy, politicians who robbed the containers of the Polish Red Cross, who extorted money from the European Parliament – said Tusk.

– It’s just like that Scar in The Lion King and his hyenas. Poland is ruled by a coward, in times when brave people are needed, Poland is ruled by a party occupied only with its own interests, when it requires disinterested people (…) that is why we need your testimony and your courage so much that this time will pass as soon as possible – said Tusk to participants of the Saturday convention.

Main photo source: PAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

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