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Donald Tusk on changes in public media and Jacek Kurski

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The clean-up in public media is progressing very effectively. This is not some dramatic race against time, said Prime Minister Donald Tusk in an interview for TVN24. He assured that the government would act in accordance with the law, and “the legality of the decision will be decided by the court, law and procedures.” He was also asked about Jacek Kurski. – In my opinion, he will be disgraced for the rest of his life, there will be no greater punishment – he replied.

Donald Tusk in a conversation with representatives of the largest news stations: Anita Werner from “Fakty” TVN, Marek Czyż from TVP and Piotr Witwicki from Polsat, he referred to changes in public media.

He was asked how much time he gives the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz to sort out the situation in the public media. – I don’t have a stopwatch on. Currently, the trial is ongoing and we also want it to be a process clearly based on the rules of law. Therefore, all decisions made by Minister Sienkiewicz and persons involved in this process are subject to legal assessment, including the assessment of the courts – replied the head of government.

– And the courts will not like some cases, some will like them, we will respect court decisions – he assured.

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Tusk: The clean-up in public media is progressing very effectively

– As I mentioned, the public media is being organized very effectively. So it’s not some dramatic race against time, he said.

– I know that v PiS people cannot imagine that the head of public media or public television becomes someone whom the prime minister of the government has never seen in his life. It was an unimaginable standard. It would be worth comparing how public media work today, for example how they report PiS demonstrations, and how public media reported the million-strong marches in Warsaw organized by me and the opposition at that time. A perfect summary of how public media should and should not work, he said.

The head of government said that for now he is “satisfied with this change”.

Tusk: Our decisions will be valid when they are legal

Tusk also referred to the fact that the registration court in Warsaw dismissed the application to enter changes in the management of Telewizja Polska into the National Court Register.

– We make decisions and try to validate them with the court’s decision. And that is why Minister Sienkiewicz was looking for various ways to de facto save the public media after the disaster that PiS caused to the public media. So he acts and will act in accordance with the law. If he makes decisions that are questioned, they will not be valid, he emphasized.

– So there’s no risk here. Because, unlike our predecessors (…), we are not infallible and we will always stick to this principle. Our decisions will be valid only when they are legal. And the legality of the decision will be decided by the court, law and procedures. And of course we will not relent in rectifying this situation. We will look for various legal methods, but always respecting the law, he announced.

When asked about long-term financing of public media, Tusk replied: – We will find a way, but it will be incomparably more economical than Byzantium in the times of (Jack) Kurski and his successor. Because I am absolutely convinced that public media are a public value and deserve support, but it cannot be a money-making factory by people who actually had nothing to do with journalism and the media.

– He wants to reassure you that the funds necessary for the public media to operate in accordance with their public mission – there will be no shortage of these funds, but they really do not need billions – as he once designed (Jaroslaw Kaczynski and (Jacek) Kurski – assured the Prime Minister.

Tusk: Jacek Kurski covered himself with disgrace for the rest of his life

Tusk was also asked whether he planned to take any consequences against Jacek Kurski, who was previously the president of TVP and recently worked at the World Bank.

– Personally, I would probably have a thousand reasons to remember Jacek Kurski’s actions, which were also aimed directly at my family. In my opinion, he will be disgraced for the rest of his life, there will be no greater punishment – he replied.

– Of course, if it turns out, but it is not my responsibility, that he has committed abuses or crimes, he will be held accountable like any other person. But I have nothing to say on this matter here, because I do not conduct investigations, he added.

Tusk on Jacek Kurski: he was disgraced for the rest of his life, there will be no greater punishmentTVN24

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP

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