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Donald Tusk on changes to the Electoral Code: we want to prepare an action aimed at overseeing the elections

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The head of PO Donald Tusk said on Friday that “anyone who changes the rules of the game, introduces new rules in the Electoral Code just before the elections, in fact violates the basic principles of democracy.” He stated that the PO’s response was to prepare a “great civic, social action aimed at effectively overseeing the elections.”

– This morning I asked my closest associates, MPs, senators, the Marshal (of the Senate – ed.), that together we would face another violation of the fundamental principles of democracy – said Tusk at the beginning of his statement.

– I am talking about constant attempts to manipulate the Election Code, which apparently interferes with Law and Justice – he added. As he said, “this party is looking for different ways, as evidenced by the last few days and yesterday’s vote on the new Electoral Code, to distort the election result, fearing perhaps a defeat in the vote.”

Boss AFTER He assessed that “anyone who changes the rules of the game, that is, introduces new rules in the Electoral Code just before the elections, in fact violates the basic principles of democracy.”

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– If today in the light of cameras, with the curtain raised, they are ready to manipulate the electoral law in order to increase their electoral chances, it is easy to imagine that they will also be capable of other types of manipulation. More and more speculations, more and more publicly articulated fears that PIS he is also ready to falsify the elections – unfortunately, they are becoming more and more justified, assessed Tusk.

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Tusk: we have Sławomir Nitras in our ranks and we will not hesitate to use him

– Our response to attempts to undermine the rules of the electoral game, to the threat of manipulation and electoral fraud, is to prepare a great civic, social action, the aim of which will be to effectively supervise the elections – announced Tusk.

– Today we know that we need the best, strongest people to mobilize thousands of citizens to oversee these elections – he added.

Therefore, as he said, he turned to “a man known for his energy, skills, mobilization, optimism and efficiency, so that on behalf of KO he would prepare the defense of the elections against manipulation and falsehoods”. – We have in our ranks Sławomir Nitras and we will not hesitate to use it, stressed Tusk.

Nitras appeals for help in overseeing the elections

– The right to free elections is the right of citizens, not politicians. Citizens have the right to choose their government. It has always been the case that the elections were supervised by citizens and NGOs, said Nitras. He added that “today there is an idea for the participants of this match, one of the teams, to watch over the elections in the electoral commissions”.

– For my part, but also my colleagues, we will do everything to defend free elections, but we need tens of thousands of people. From this place, I am appealing – help us to ensure free elections, it is not enough to vote, you have to sit in the committee, you have to watch who counts the votes and how, whether the votes are counted correctly – he said. – We, for our part, will do everything to help you, and we ask for your support – he appealed.

The Sejm adopted the amendment to the Electoral Code

Passed on Thursday by the Sejm amendment to the Electoral Code introduces, among others solutions for free transport for voters in municipalities without public transport. According to PiS, which proposed these solutions, they are intended to increase voter turnout in the elections. Under the new regulations, the Central Register of Voters will also be introduced – which was a government proposal.

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