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Donald Tusk on Elżbieta Witek and the reassumption of the vote [Wideo]

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– Elżbieta Witek is disqualified. He is not the speaker of the Sejm, but a PiS officer – said Donald Tusk, acting chairman of the Civic Platform. In this way, the Marshal of the Sejm commented on the reassumption of the vote.

Donald Tusk was in Goniądz (Podlaskie Voivodeship) before noon. There he met with representatives of environmental organizations. Later, at a briefing, he answered journalists’ questions.


Tusk on Witek: he is not a marshal, but a PiS officer

Tusk spoke, among other things, about the controversial one reassumption of voting ordered on August 11 by the Marshal of the Sejm.

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– There are already reports to the prosecutor’s office about the actions of Marshal Witek. We know whose hands the prosecution is in, and perhaps politically this case will be hidden under the rug. But that can’t be hidden under the rug anymore. Everyone in Poland has seen it – he said.

Has the marshal committed a crime? – It’s not my role to judge. But we all have a terrible disgust. We know what she did. It was an unacceptable thing, breaking all the rules of public life, evoking disgust – assessed the former prime minister.

In his opinion, Witek “is for sure completely disqualified as the Marshal of the Sejm”. – Even her colleagues from PiS know that we do not have any Sejm marshal, only a PiS officer who carries out Kaczynski’s orders. It is very humiliating for the Polish parliament – said Tusk.

The head of the platform also referred to lex TVN. – We see scandals: bribing, breaking regulations, breaking moral principles and rules of public life by the highest state officials. The essence of the problem is that this authority wants Poland to soon be so that no one will talk about their sins, because no one will know about them – he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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