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Donald Tusk: PiS sets up fifth columns wherever it can. We will start cleaning immediately

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After meeting with politicians who will co-create his government, Donald Tusk took part in a meeting with journalists. – There will be no agreement with evil. If they broke the law, if they stole, if they lied for public money, they must answer for it, said Tusk, speaking about the outgoing PiS government.

On Friday, the chairman of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk, who is the candidate for prime minister of the parliamentary majority, met with politicians who are to be part of his government. After this meeting, Tusk took part in a press briefing. He noted that “this meeting was important because many decisions will have to be made literally an hour after the appointment.”

– Today, this short briefing of the future cabinet consisted of the information I expected from future ministers, about decisions that could stop very dangerous events or the gigantic expenses that the future cabinet decided to undertake. PIS in the weeks and days after elections – he explained.

– There will be no witch hunt. There will be no retaliation. There will be readiness to fully communicate with everyone in Poland who wants to work sensibly and well. But there will be no agreement with evil. If they broke the law, if they stole, if they lied for public money, they must answer for it, he said.

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Tusk: PiS has decided to use the last weeks to devastate and demolish the Polish state

The candidate for prime minister announced that during his speech in the Sejm he would like to focus on positive things and planned activities. – But today I cannot but start, unfortunately, with what has been happening in recent days and weeks – he said. – PiS has decided to use the last weeks to demolish the Polish state, to throw money in handfuls for its own people. We try to monitor this closely. We will stop whatever we can, Tusk said.

The candidate for prime minister emphasized that we are only talking about the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which, although “not the richest” ministry, after October 15 decided to distribute “half a billion zlotys among its own”. – Imagine today how many issues we will have to resolve in the first hours after the government is formed – he noted. Tusk emphasized that immediately after appointing the government, he would require his ministers to take immediate action to explain and stop the “stream of bad decisions.” – These two weeks cost Poland enormous money. This is a waste of money, a waste of time and an attempt to leave such a fifth column of PiS in all places where possible. We will have to start this clean-up immediately and with very decisive steps and resolutions, he assured.

Tusk: we have guaranteed funds for salary increases for teachersTVN24

Tusk on 800+ and pay raises for teachers

Tusk informed that during the meeting “the future Minister of Finance assured the future Council of Ministers that “The new year will start with a payment of PLN 800+, despite this propaganda and the constant harassment of those who are leaving.”

– What the authorities have committed to, what Polish families are waiting for, because they heard it from the outgoing government and me, will be implemented. 800+ will become a fact and the new year will begin, among others, with these decisions. We have this guaranteed in our draft budget, he said. Tusk emphasized that in addition to the 800+ benefit, funds for 30% salary increases for teachers are also guaranteed. – Even if formal decisions (…) are made in February or March, salary increases for teachers will be effective from January 1 and will be paid even if the formal decision itself is made later – he declared. – The Minister of Finance also guarantees funds for the implementation of pay raises for academic teachers. This is one of the last decisions of this government that has left, he said.

Tusk: the future Minister of Finance assured that the coming year will start with the payment of PLN 800 plus

Tusk: the future Minister of Finance assured that the coming year will start with the payment of PLN 800 plusTVN24

Candidate for prime minister: I take seriously the president’s words that he will want to act in accordance with the constitution

During the press conference, Tusk was asked whether he had information from the Presidential Palace regarding the specific date of the swearing-in of his government and whether he was convinced that he would fly to the EU summit in Brussels. – I do not have any official information, so I am – like the state – forced to read the signals that flow into the public space. I take seriously the president’s words that he will want to act in accordance with the constitution and will not want to hinder the work of the future government, Tusk replied. – I must and am ready for this – also emotionally – to assume that the president will have good will – added the head of PO. Tusk also expressed the opinion that in connection with the EU-Western Balkans summit, which will be held on Wednesday evening, “it would be good to complete all these procedures as quickly as possible.” – But Mr. President has his powers and I am not going to question them in any way. It is the president who will decide when this ceremony will take place – noted the head of the Platform. When asked with whom he planned to go to the summit, he replied: “I feel quite competent.” – We work basically non-stop with Mr. Adam Szłapka, who will be the Minister for European Affairs after his appointment, and with Mr. Adam Bodnar, because legal issues will be decisive when it comes to decisions regarding the KPO, this money for Poland. We are a working team that has been working for many days on the Brussels scenario, Tusk said.

What about the tax-free amount?

Tusk was asked whether the tax-free amount would be increased to PLN 60,000. PLN within 100 days of the formation of a new coalition government, which he would lead. – My intention is to introduce a tax-free amount of PLN 60,000. zloty. We will follow the fiscal year rule, so this will certainly not happen within 100 days, said the PO chairman. – I will do everything to implement (announcement from the election campaign – editor) 100 specifics in 100 days to the maximum extent, taking into account the fact that the parties that form the coalition have different views on some issues, he added. He noted that “the first priority will be the commitments that are written in the coalition of the four parties that will form the new government (PO, PSL, Polska 2050, New Left – ed)”. During the election campaign, in early September this year, the KO leader announced that “raising the tax-free amount to PLN 60,000. PLN is a specific thing that we will carry out within the first 100 days.

Main photo source: PAP/Paweł Supernak

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