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Donald Tusk, PO leader, on the situation on the border with Belarus, the migration crisis and Polish migration policy: I expect immediate action from the government and the president

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As regards the problems of migration and the defense of our borders, I expect the government and the president to act to build a consensus – stated Donald Tusk, who heads the Civic Platform. He also said that “we are all concerned about the situation on our eastern border and this anxiety is unfortunately justified.”

The acting chairman of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, published a statement on Twitter on Wednesday in which he referred to the migration crisis and the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border, where a group of migrants has been traveling on the side of Belarus for several days. – We are all concerned about the situation on our eastern border and this anxiety is unfortunately justified – said Tusk in the recording.


The situation on the eastern border of Poland. Tusk: We are all concerned

As he said, “we are experiencing this humanitarian crisis very much, this dramatic situation of thirty people on our border, including women and children, the helplessness and the helplessness of the Polish government.” – And we are also aware that this may be the beginning of the crisis – said the PO leader.

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– We know well that the regime of (the president of Belarus, Alyaksandr – editor’s note), its services prepared a provocation both against Lithuania and Poland, organizing flows of migrants and directing these migrants towards the borders of the European Union – he continued. – This feeling of helplessness of our authorities is all the more justified as we know very well that in recent weeks thousands of migrants have illegally crossed the Polish border, which has been confirmed by government officials – continues the former head of government.

Tusk: We are all concerned about the situation on our eastern borderTVN24

Tusk also talked about what, in his opinion, should be done today and how to prevent this negative, perhaps dramatic development of events. “We need to build national consensus around these two basic dimensions of this crisis,” he said.

– First of all, we probably all want to help those who suffer and I am talking specifically about this group of thirty people – said the former prime minister. – It cannot be that the government of a large European country is not able to provide medicine and sandwiches for a mother with a child on our border – he added.

– Secondly, and this is this problem of great political importance, we must be able to ensure the security of our borders and here we also have a sense of powerlessness and helplessness of our government and delayed reactions to this growing migration crisis, but most importantly, an absolutely fundamental condition to get out from this crisis, there is – as I mentioned – elementary national consensus – he emphasized.

Tusk on the issue of migration: I expect immediate action from the government and the president

Tusk argued that “it cannot be the case that the situation on our borders, the border security situation, and the humanitarian situation of the injured people are used for a political game”.

– The authorities, but also we are all responsible for talking seriously, seriously and responsibly about how to prevent this crisis, how to help these people and how to secure our borders. Today, there are actually the very victims of this still minor crisis. These victims are people suffering at the border, these victims are soldiers and border guards, whose reputation has been undermined, also by ill-considered actions of the authorities – said the leader of the Civic Platform.

According to him, “we are all victims because we are more and more at odds”. – That is why I expect immediate actions from the Polish government and the Polish president to build such a consensus, national consent around these problems – he added.

– When the conflict in Ukraine broke out, I was then the prime minister, I invited all opposition leaders, we sat at the same table, and Jarosław Kaczyński was there at that time to talk about how Poles could cope with this dramatic challenge together. Today I expect exactly the same from the authorities and of course I am ready for such a conversation. I am convinced that I can say these words on behalf of the entire opposition – stated the PO leader in the published recording.

Tusk on the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border: expects immediate action from the government and the presidentTVN24

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