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Donald Tusk. Prosecutor’s investigation into the PO leader. Grzegorz Rzeczkowski comments

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The vision of “getting Tusk” pushes all other goals aside – this is how the investigative journalist of “Newsweek” Grzegorz Rzeczkowski commented on the initiation of an investigation into the abuse of powers in 2014 by the then prime minister. In the background is the matter of the eavesdropping scandal. According to Rzeczkowski, “it can be said with almost one hundred percent certainty” that her script was written in Cyrillic.

Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation into the abuse of powers in 2014 by the then Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The notification was submitted in November last year by Marek Falenta and it referred to the inspection in the company Składy Węgla.

In a statement sent to TVN24, the prosecutor’s office stipulated that the proceedings were not conducted “against” Tusk, but “in the case”. As we read, the prosecutor’s office “at this stage does not prejudge the further course of the proceedings, and does not plan to interrogate Donald Tusk in the proceedings.”


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Rzeczkowski: This is some kind of pyramidal nonsense

Grzegorz Rzeczkowski from “Newsweek” talked about the activities of the prosecutor’s office on TVN24, who repeatedly described the case of Marek Falenta and other threads of the wiretapping scandal, including those regarding the import of Russian coal.

He assessed that the ongoing proceedings “is some kind of pyramid nonsense”. “I can’t imagine that the prime minister, whatever he is, could act in this way to force a private company to refrain from taking any action, especially in the light of the facts we know about.”

– These facts are written down in dozens, several hundred files of prosecutor’s investigations, which clearly show that the company Węgla, which Falenta took over at the end of 2013, was already in a terrible financial condition, on the verge of collapse, and it was Falenta who artificially inflated its value , with the help of various subterfuges and frauds, for which the prosecutor’s office has now charged him with co-managing an organized criminal group. The case went to court. Somehow strangely for a year and a half – even though he’s in court – he can’t start, ”he continued.

– But it is clearly described there that this company was to serve Falenta to conquer more fields – added the journalist.

Rzeczkowski: This script was written in the Kremlin

Rzeczkowski also said that the prosecutor’s office had to accept the notification in this case, but the initiation of the investigation is the next step. – First, there is an analysis of the evidence and a decision – whether we initiate or refuse the investigation – he pointed out.

Asked whether today it is possible to decide what alphabet the wiretapping scandal script was written in (a reference to the words of Tusk himself from 2014), he replied: – It can be said with almost one hundred percent certainty that it was written – as some have already suggested – in the Cyrillic alphabet. This script was written in the Kremlin, and its goal was to overthrow the Polish pro-Western government, which, among other things, Russiawith their actions in Ukraine in 2014, he said.

Rzeczkowski on the import of Russian coal: this matter must be clarified someday

The journalist was also asked how it happened under the government PiS coal imports from Russia increased. – This is one of those issues that should be clarified by an independent, independent investigative commission. This is a question I ask myself all the time,” he added.

– There are many explanations. What’s more, PiS not only opened the door wide for Russian coal, but Polish state-owned power plants began to buy this Russian coal. It was only when the case became public that they stopped buying it, Rzeczkowski continued. He added that “this matter must be clarified at some point.”

Rzeczkowski: the vision of “getting Tusk” pushes aside all other targets

He also mentioned that, on the one hand, it is to be created a commission to investigate Russian influenceand, on the other hand, the prosecutor’s office is conducting proceedings regarding Tusk’s abuse of powers in connection with the inspection of the company Składy Węgla, where trade with Russia is in the background.

– Let this alone serve as a comment. It’s some kind of jumble with confusion, it gives the impression that no one controls it anymore. The vision of “getting Tusk” pushes all other targets aside, he said.

Marek Falenta. Who is the man behind the eavesdropping scandal?

A few years ago, Marek Falenta heard a final sentence of absolute imprisonment in connection with the so-called eavesdropping scandal.

Recordings of people from politics, business and public officials in two restaurants took place in 2013-2014. Recorded, among others of the then chiefs: the Ministry of the Interior – Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Radoslaw Sikorskithe Ministry of Infrastructure – Elżbieta Bieńkowska, President of the National Bank of Poland, Marek Belka, head CBA Paweł Wojtunik. Over 100 people’s conversations were recorded during 66 illegally recorded meetings.

The businessman was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. In the case, valid suspended sentences were also imposed on Falenta’s brother-in-law and one of the waiters. Another waiter, Łukasz N, was not punished for helping the investigators. He was ordered to pay PLN 50,000 in cash.

Main photo source: PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

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