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Donald Tusk rally in Poznań. PO leader: no one can stop this force, this wave

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We have enough of this dirt that pours out every day from their offices, from their media – said the PO leader Donald Tusk at a rally in Poznań. – Yes, as I said in Warsaw (June 4), and here, thanks to your throats, I want to say it even louder: No one will intimidate us, no one will drown us out anymore. No one can stop this force, this wave, he declared.

Age with participation Donald Tusk was organized on Friday at Plac Wolności in Poznań. According to the city, 10,000 people showed up there. The police say eight thousand. At 6 pm, the mayor of the city, Jacek Jaśkowiak, welcomed the gathered. After a few short speeches, the chairman of the Civic Platform took the floor.

Donald Tusk: no one will intimidate us, no one will drown us out any more

– I am very happy to see thousands of Poles again, this time in Poznań – said the boss AFTER, referring to the march he called in Warsaw on June 4. As he assessed, “we have a reason to be proud because we showed the whole of Poland, Europe and the world that Poland is not sleeping, that this giant has really woken up.” – We have enough of this dirt that pours out every day from their offices, from their media – he said about those in power. The crowd responded by chanting “we’ve had enough”.

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“I hope they will hear it today that we have had enough,” added Tusk.

He said that the rulers sometimes “try to block our initiatives, sometimes very unfairly.” – Today I received information that our meetings, which we are preparing in Lower Silesia, are to be attacked by militias prepared by Jarosław Kaczyński. We’ll see in a few days. But as I said in Warsaw (June 4 – ed.), and here thanks to your throats I want to say it even louder: No one will intimidate us, no one will drown us out anymore. No one can stop this force, this wave, he declared.

“They are robbing their own homeland, so they are robbing their own voters as well.”

Tusk also addressed “directly to the voters of the ruling party.” – If people here in Wielkopolska respect work, reliability, reliability, responsibility, such personal honesty, then you PiS voters should think about whether it was really important for you that the power in Poland be based on the fact that no – that people work to make it better for everyone in Poland and for Poland to be stronger, but only for the authorities to arrange jobs for their colleagues. We work in Poznań, in Wielkopolska, wherever there are honest, decent people. And in PiS – they arrange jobs, positions, gigs – he said.

Tusk: Think about it, you PiS voters, if you really wanted thisTVN24

He mentioned the recently revealed one list of people associated with PiS who earned millions of zlotys, sitting in state-owned companies. – They completely shamelessly believe that the wealth of the nation, the wealth of Poland means their cosmic salaries and getting jobs, needlework for their friends – he said.

According to him, “they are robbing their own homeland, so they are also robbing their own voters.” – You vote for Kaczyński’s party, which means that you either let them steal or you want to steal with them. I do not believe that there are so many people in Poland willing to get this easy and dirty money – he added.

Tusk about women’s rights. “Polish women see a brutal, soulless country”

The chairman of the Civic Platform emphasized how great it is to dream of a child and the possibility of making this dream come true, also through the in vitro procedure. He said that no one deserves the care and tenderness of not only loved ones, but also state institutions at every level, as a mother and her child.

– Recently, with great regret in our hearts, we have been repeating these names, names – symbols. Exactly two years and two days have passed since Anna’s tragic death in the hospital in Świdnica. Later, after a few months – Izabela, then three or four months passed – Justyna, then Agnieszka, then Marta, several days ago Dorota from Nowy Targ. I am saying this because there is nothing more painful than knowing that in such a difficult moment, in such a tense and hopeful moment in the life of a Polish woman, you see a brutal, heartless state that concentrates all its power to intimidate doctors, to intimidate women, to intimidate family, he said.

In his opinion, the rulers “built their power on fear, on humiliation and in the end it brings such tragic results.” – Because in this Kaczyński is a master, in this PiS turned out to be really excellent – how to teach people to distrust, hate, how to set everyone against each other – he enumerated.

As he emphasized, “we want to live in a country where you don’t have to be a hero, where you don’t have to risk prison, up to eight years in prison to save a woman’s life in a hospital.” – In fact, it’s like in some gloomy series, gloomy movie, something completely unreal. Today, this power is serial killers of women. They are responsible for the death of these women, it is on them, on their heads, Mr. Kaczyński, on your head, that these tragedies, these deaths, this mourning fall, he continued.

He argued that “regulations, interpretations, allusions from the authorities must immediately disappear, that anyone who saves a woman’s life when it is in danger, for example through pregnancy”, will be punished.

Tusk: Ideas for a referendum on migrants are an attempt to escape

He also noted that in recent days there has been talk of a referendum in Poland. PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński announced that it would be organized in relation to the EU mechanism for the relocation of illegal migrants.

“I can already see the hashtags #referendumdespair there,” commented Tusk.

According to the PO leader, “the ideas for a referendum on migrants are of course an attempt to escape, this is an attempt to erase from TV screens, from the headlines of newspapers, from the Internet the daily information about how much they stole, who died because of them, what the prices are in stores what lie they are flooding Poland with, so they invent this type of figures”.

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