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Donald Tusk rally in Poznań. White and red hid the renovation of the street. “Tej, go to the pyry”

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Stickers “Tej, go to pyry” were distributed, flags were sold nearby. There was no shortage of banners like the one referring to the once popular bubble gum with a thumb up next to “Donald” and a thumb down next to “Duck”. Thousands of Poznan residents gathered on Friday at Plac Wolności for a rally with the participation of Donald Tusk.

The white and red flag stretched on the barriers placed on the southern line of Wolności Square gave the impression that it was a special installation, not a separation from the renovated part of the square. Police officers were walking along it, keeping order. The streets adjacent to the square were closed to traffic by officers several dozen minutes before 6 p.m.

The flag is hung on the railingsTVN24

Most of the gathered did not hide the fact that they did not come to support Donald Tuskor rather to express their opposition to the rule of Law and Justice.

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Banner “Imaginary reality” with the Sphinx with Kaczyński’s faceTVN24

The banners proved it. Not all citable. One of the women was holding a cardboard box with “Spring to plant” on one side and “Dig up in fall” on the other.

“plant in spring”TVN24

“Dig up in the fall”TVN24

There was also a man who argued that education is “f****d****”, but he censored only the first word, adding underneath it: “It’s so bad that I had to get up from the computer.” There was also a drawing of a coffin with the inscription: “PIS it can’t last forever.”

Among the banners there was also one referring to the once popular bubble gum with a thumb up next to the inscription “Donald” and a thumb down next to “Duck”.

– We want to have a free country, free courts, to be in the European Union, we want free judges, teachers who will earn as they should – said the man who distributed stickers to the gathered.

Banner referring to Donald chewing gumTVN24

– I manifest not for myself, but for my grandchildren – emphasized the participant from Jarocin.

– I came with young people in mind, because young people probably don’t think about themselves yet – said another of the demonstrators.

There was no shortage of young people, although there were more elderly people among the crowd than the youngest voters.

– We are being moved out of the European Union, another issue is the rule of law and limiting the activities of local governments. And what’s more, parochialism, pushing Poland back to the Middle Ages, said one of the demonstrators. As he admitted, he feels the energy and hopes that the election result will be satisfactory for the opposition in the fall.

People gather in Poznań in front of Donald Tusk’s deputyTVN24

First support, then Tusk

The bus with Donald Tusk arrived at the northern lane of Plac Wolności at 5.45 pm. From minute to minute, more and more people appeared on Plac Wolności. Eight thousand people gathered in the square, according to the police. The city says up to 10,000.

Many came with flags: white and red, of the European Union, and even of the Greater Poland Uprising. The first ones could even be bought on the spot. You could also get stickers with the slogan in the Wielkopolska dialect: “Tej, go to pyry”

A sticker with the Wielkopolska dialectTVN24

When the chairman of the Civic Platform got out of the car after fifteen minutes and headed towards the crowd, there was applause and shouts. And not only among those gathered around the car, but throughout the square, because the image from the camera tracking Donald Tusk was shown on several big screens placed in the area.

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But when local politicians spoke first, there was anticipation in the crowd. “For now, support” – commented in the crowd.

When Donald Tusk took over the microphone, the crowd clearly perked up. And when he said, “dirt that pours out every day”, chanted: “we have enough”.

There were no rainbow colorsTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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