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Donald Tusk read a message from his mother-in-law regarding Borys Budka and Tomasz Siemoniak

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The behavior of Tomasz Siemoniak and Borys Budka in the context of political responsibility dominated Donald Tusk’s conversation with Internet users. – It is the most important criterion of credibility in politics: words, gestures, programs, actions – commented Tusk. In doing so, he read a message on the matter which he said he received from his mother-in-law.

Former prime minister and former head of the European Council, acting chairman of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk he ran a live chat with internet users on Thursday evening. During this event, he read the message he had received prior to the start of the meeting. It concerned Borys Budka and Tomasz Siemoniak, who held high positions in both the Platform and the Club of the Civic Coalition.


The message was to be sent by the former prime minister’s mother-in-law, who drew attention to recent events, when both politicians “they made themselves available“Tusk in connection with the participation of journalist Robert Mazurek in the birthday party during the sitting in the Sejm.

Donald Tusk reads a message from his mother-in-law: Donek, I know you have a problem …

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– Literally half an hour before our meeting and I knew that I would want to read it, I got a message from my mother-in-law. Mother, I hope you will not get angry that I will read our private correspondence, but it also talks a lot about emotions related to this matter – explained Donald Tusk.

After that, Tusk read the message from the phone screen: “Donka, I know that you have trouble with your people. I’m on your side. They shouldn’t act like that, but don’t get rid of them. Already a lot of people from the PO have left for your predecessors. Now in PO, everyone is worth their weight in gold. Sometimes a man makes a mistake at some point, but then he regrets. They are positive guys, they will not do more such stupid things. Yours sincerely, your old adviser. “

Donald Tusk during the livechat with internet usersfacebook.com/donaldtusk

– Why am I talking about this? Because I myself am moved by this – said the head of the PO. – Of course, I have a personal problem, because I will always be very decisive in such matters, but I am aware that people make mistakes, I also made many mistakes in my life, and that it is worth using appropriate measures for these events – he commented. – I hope that what happened and also my reaction made everyone in the Platform feel that full responsibility for each of their actions will become such a commandment for all my colleagues – he summed up.

He added that he did not think that “only holy people should be around him”. “I’m not a saint myself,” he said.

– It is about the most important criterion of credibility in politics: words, gestures, programs and actions. It is all consistent. Poles, I understand that after so many years of observing Polish politicians, and if they trust anyone, it’s on credit. Our compatriots have enough reasons not to trust politicians. Every action, every situation, every careless word or ill-considered gesture may undermine trust in politics, be it power or opposition – he said.

Earlier, speaking about the journalist’s birthday, Tusk informed that he had not received an invitation. He noted that even if he had received them, he would not have participated in this type of event. – Generally, I am convinced, it is also a matter of my experience and caution, that for my birthday I go to my closest friends and of course my family and I do not have any need to socialize too much, but I understand people who have a different opinion. I try to choose my company carefully when I am looking for a moment of relaxation and peace – he admitted.

Donald Tusk read a message from his mother-in-lawfacebook.com/donaldtusk

“If my reaction irritates the leaders of other parties, it is a source of satisfaction for me.”

One of the Internet users asked if the reaction to these events was not exaggerated, because – as she wrote – both the right and the left criticized such a move.

– Both in PiS and in the Left, the leaders of these formations are not disturbed by what we have witnessed. PiS has been interested for a long time to convince the public opinion that all politicians are evil, that everyone steals, that everyone is immoral, because then their sins, their crimes, their theft or corruption, they seem to disappear in this sea of ​​universality – he replied . – I am not surprised that such situations for PiS are not worth any reaction – he added.

Commenting on the Left, Tusk said that he would not criticize the opposition parties. – I would like them to effectively compete with the rulers for votes and the sympathy of people – he explained. – I believe that the opposition’s chance, be it the center or the left wing, or the Christian Democrats, but the opposition’s chance is the credible, honest, honest conviction of people that decency is no longer just a theory or a memory. Therefore, I would prefer everyone to look for these standards, said Tusk.

“If my reaction irritates the leaders of other parties, it is a source of satisfaction for me,” he said.

Tusk on the proposal to amend the constitution: this is not only a test of PiS’s intentions

During the conversation with Internet users, Tusk also spoke about his proposal to introduce changes to the constitution in order to block Poland’s exit from the European Union. – As I announced, I will try not only to test PiS’s intentions. PiS claims that it is not interested in removing Poland from the European Union, so I proposed to test this intention – he reminded. He described that it was also a proposal for a solution that would “make it very difficult” to get Poland out of the EU with a “cheap, political trick”.

He added that what he is most afraid of in this matter is that “you can move Poland out of the European Union by a simple majority of votes today, that PiS, one day or rather one night, will make such a vote for us and we will not even look back and we will do so. out “. “This fear is really justified,” he argued.

– I proposed this change in the constitution, we formulated a specific proposal – he added. – On Monday, this application will go to the Sejm with the appropriate number of signatures, we have just finished collecting the signatures of parliamentarians under this amendment to the constitution. I know that Prime Minister Morawiecki reacted to this proposal in such an ambiguous way that they are ready to talk about it, but would like to add some other ideas to it. Let us really focus on this kind of sensible dimension of this amendment. It is not about a multi-threaded constitutional debate, stressed Donald Tusk.

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