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Donald Tusk: the authorities in Poland promote beating children and at the same time want the death penalty for those who beat children

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The hell of children is born at the intersection of a pathological family and pathological power – said the leader of the Civic Platform in Sulechów. He assessed that “we have an authority in Poland that promotes beating children and at the same time wants the death penalty for those who beat children.” He added that this paradox says a lot about the mentality of the rulers.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki referring on Wednesday to the case of the deceased eight-year-old Kamil from Częstochowa, who was abused by his stepfather, he stated that he is supporter of reintroducing the death penalty. – For crimes of particular cruelty, crimes with such premeditation, against such innocent victims, I am personally in favor of reintroducing the death penalty, but it has been abolished throughout Europe – he said.

– However, in the circumstances in which we operate, we should definitely strengthen those provisions of the Penal Code that speak of abuse of children, abuse of innocent people, simply abuse of another person, and in particular abuse with extreme cruelty – he added.

Tusk to the rulers: have you done anything to prevent such tragedies?

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The PO leader referred to these announcements on Thursday at a meeting with the inhabitants of Sulechów in the Lubuskie Voivodship Donald Tusk. As he said, for two days he has been observing press conferences where Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro they compete to see which of them “is more pro-death penalty”. – The hell of children is born at the intersection of a pathological family and pathological power. It’s not about you having another fifty press conferences that you are for the death penalty, although in the next sentence you say that there will be no death penalty – he addressed the rulers.

– Will it bring someone back to life? Have you at least done anything to prevent such tragedies from happening? Is PiS, the PiS government, (Jaroslaw KaczynskiMorawiecki are aware that the task of the state is to act in such a way that there are as few of these events as possible – Tusk asked.

Donald TuskPAP/Lech Muszyński

He added that he had “a whole portfolio of quotes about how the minister of education, or Children’s Rights Ombudsman they say how nice it is to spank children and that if you don’t beat children, then there is an educational problem. – Today we live in a country where the authorities not only promote violence in various forms, they also demonstrate contempt for the weak. that in Poland there is less and less air for the weaker ones: whether they are people with disabilities, women deprived of their rights or children – said the head of PO.

– We have an authority in Poland that promotes beating children and at the same time wants the death penalty for those who beat children. This paradox, this absurdity, says a lot about their mentality and their approach to this problem, that is, wash their hands, do not organize anything properly and recognize that the problem of pathological families is something that does not concern them – assessed the leader of the PO .

Tusk: PiS is Pathology and Sitwa

In his opinion, it is no coincidence that the “social margin”, i.e. wherever there is the most alcohol, violence and suffering of Polish children, is often colloquially called “pathology”. – Unfortunately, this is also a symbol of PiS times in Poland – he assessed.

Tusk argued that a great change must take place in Poland that will restore normality, i.e. a state that promotes, supports and facilitates the lives of hard-working people. – And everything in Poland has been turned upside down for several years, that is, the kings of life are those who drink, beat their children, beat women and have not disgraced themselves with work for many years. A dream political clientele for the authorities, who themselves have a very similar way of thinking to this clientele, Tusk assessed.

As he added, the abbreviation of the name of the ruling party “PiS” can be read in different ways. – If we say today that PiS is Pathology and Sitwa, it no longer requires any justification. This is Pathology and Sitwa,” Tusk said.

Death of eight-year-old Kamil

Maltreated by his stepfather, 8-year-old Kamil from Częstochowa died on Monday in the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice (GCZD), where he had been treated for over a month. The boy was hospitalized on April 3 with serious injuries. The doctors reported extensive burns on the boy’s head, trunk and limbs, as well as fractures of the limbs.

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The investigation in this case was transferred to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk on Wednesday. In early April, the prosecutor accused the child’s stepfather, 27-year-old Dawid B., of trying to kill his stepson on March 29 by pouring boiling water over him and placing him on a hot coal stove. The boy’s mother, Magdalena B., is suspected of exposing her child to the immediate danger of loss of life and health, as well as of helping her husband in abusing the boy. She did not react to her husband’s behavior and did not help the child. They were both arrested. Deputy Attorney General Krzysztof Sierak announced on Wednesday that the findings and conclusions after the autopsy clearly allow changing the charges against the suspects – against the stepfather to a charge of homicide with particular cruelty, and the child’s mother is being considered for aiding the murder.

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Main photo source: PAP/Lech Muszyński

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