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Donald Tusk’s government. Future ministers comment on the meeting

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On Friday, the leader of the Civic Coalition and candidate of the parliamentary majority for prime minister, Donald Tusk, met with members of his future government. – Preparation, strategy for these first hours and days. We are fully ready, declared Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, the future deputy prime minister, after the meeting.

– It will be a good government in which the left has four strong positions. Full parity – two girls, two boys, a nice team – said Krzysztof Gawkowski from the Left, who is to become deputy prime minister and minister of digitalization.

He emphasized that the Left “has had all its commitments prepared for months.” – During the campaign we said why and why the left wants to rule. This is what we bring to this meeting – he added.

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Krzysztof Gawkowski: The left has four strong positions in the governmentTVN24

Adam Bodnar, who is to take over the Ministry of Justice, emphasized that “changes regarding the rule of law have been going on for eight years and fixing it will require a lot of energy and determination.” – I serve the state, it seems to me that when there is such responsibility, we have to take up this responsibility – he said.

Kosiniak-Kamysz after the meeting: everyone is ready to work

The meeting started a few minutes after 9 a.m. and lasted about an hour. Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz from PSL, the future deputy prime minister and minister of defense, left the room and briefly talked to journalists.

– Everyone ready to work – preparation, strategy for these first hours and days. We are fully ready. It’s a shame to waste time, but there is a good team that will make up for it – he assured.

Gawkowski: we leave our party ID cards and start working for Poland

After the talks, Gawkowski declared: – We have to build trust, we leave our party cards, we start working for Poland.

– This is a good sign that this is to be a common team, a team of the future, and we are signing up for hard work for four years. The conversation about the future and the government was in the four-year concept, that everyone should be prepared for a long march, but also for dynamic decisions, not to be afraid to make them, because Poles are waiting for it, he said.

Tusk: many decisions will have to be made literally an hour after the appointment

After the meeting Donald Tusk appeared at a press conference. – I realize that every hour can be important, which is why I took the liberty of convening a meeting today of what we believe to be the future government. I am not superstitious, I am cautious, so I emphasize very clearly that this is a working meeting with candidates for the future cabinet, he said.

As he said, the meeting was important because “many decisions will have to be made literally an hour after the appointment.” – This short briefing of the future cabinet consisted of the information I expected from future ministers, about decisions that could stop, for example, very dangerous events or the gigantic expenses that PiS decided to undertake after elections – he said.

Tusk: today's briefing consisted of information I expected from future ministers

Tusk: today’s briefing consisted of information I expected from future ministersTVN24

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