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Donations for the campaign of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Government spokesman Piotr Mueller comments

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Nearly a quarter of a million zlotys for Mateusz Morawiecki’s 2019 election campaign was paid by people from the so-called Prime Minister’s list of people in State Treasury companies. Government spokesman Piotr Mueller, when asked about the assessment of these findings by TVN24 and tvn24.pl, claimed that the report was trying to create an atmosphere of terror. – Everyone contributes to the election campaign in a transparent manner, everyone can check it and it is not unusual – he said.

17 people employed in high positions in state-owned companies contributed almost a quarter of a million zlotys to the PiS election fund, pointing out that it was money for the prime minister’s campaign. The reporter “Black on the white” Dariusz Kubik and the journalist of the tvn24.pl portal Grzegorz Łakomski obtained a copy of the transfers which confirm this.

REPORT “BLACK ON WHITE”: To the company with the prime minister. Donation to Mateusz Morawiecki

Government spokesman: the prime minister received a report on payments

Government spokesman Piotr Mueler was asked about these findings on Thursday in “Rozmowa Piasecki”. Was the prime minister aware of how many people employed in state-owned companies were contributing to his election campaign? “I don’t know anything about that,” he replied.

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– Yesterday I enjoyed watching your material in which you are trying to create, besides, there is still such music in the background, such a sound of terror, veiled faces, modulated voices to make it more threatening – he assessed.


Addressing Konrad Piasecki, Mueller said: – Tell me, did any of the activities you describe had any trace of illegality?

– Because in Poland there is a principle of payment for the election campaign and full transparency, and when you say that you have “found” the materials related to the election campaign, I will tell everyone how it can be done: go to the National Electoral Commission and take these materials – he spoke.

>> “I do not remember a case where the interlocutors were so afraid. One of the ministers, while escaping, mistook the floors”

When asked again if the prime minister knew who was contributing to his election campaign, the government spokesman replied that he was convinced that the head of government had received a report on the payments. – Each candidate who has an election campaign receives a statement of payments either on an ongoing basis or at the end of the campaign – he explained.

When asked whether it was ethical in his opinion, he said that “it does not hurt him”. – Everyone contributes to the election campaign in a transparent manner, everyone can check it and it is not unusual – he argued.

Main photo source: Maciej Kulczyński / PAP

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