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don’t look at the criminal, look at the victim”

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The highest representatives of the prosecutor’s office are so involved in the defense of the robbery perpetrator previously accused by the prosecutor’s office and convicted that they even reveal the name of the victim. Zbigniew Ziobro granted a break from serving a sentence to a woman convicted of attempted robbery. – Suddenly, this power says: do not look at the criminal, look at the victim, focus, maybe there is something wrong with this victim, maybe there is a problem here – Professor Marcin Matczak comments on the activities of the ministry.

Independent prosecutors say directly about what happened at Zbigniew Ziobro’s conference: this should never have happened. – This is no longer a workshop error, it is a disregard for the law in force in Poland – alarms Katarzyna Szeska from the Association of Prosecutors “Lex Super Omnia”. It’s about a fragment of the conference on the so-called “Marika case” and the words of the director of the National Prosecutor’s Office. One of Zbigniew Ziobro’s closest associates revealed the name of the injured girl. – The rights of the aggrieved party are sacred for every prosecutor – stresses Katarzyna Szeska.

– Suddenly, this power says: do not look at the criminal, look at the victim, focus, maybe there is something wrong with this victim, maybe there is a problem here – comments Professor Marcin Matczak from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. Minister Ziobro has been defending Marika M., a young woman convicted of hooligan robbery, for weeks.

In Poznań, just after the manifestation of LGBT people, Marika M. and a group of men allegedly ran to another girl, pulled her and tried to snatch her rainbow bag. The battered girl had a sprained joint and bruises. The court sentenced Marika M. to three years of absolute imprisonment. Before she was behind bars, she was in hiding, a warrant was issued for her. Now the case of her pardon went to the president, and Zbigniew Ziobro gave her a break from serving her sentence.

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– This is another issue when Ziobro takes the side of nationalists, neo-fascists and hooligans – believes Krzysztof Śmiszek, MP of the New Left. The minister does not side with the victim, says the opposition. In this way, the victim is additionally stigmatized. – The victim should always be protected by the state, and not used in such a cynical, political way for its own purposes – says Aleksandra Gajewska, PO MP.

Government spokesman: Ziobro knows best what the situation looked likeTVN24

Lowest possible penalty

Prosecutors say they only quoted the public verdict. PiS MP Piotr Kaleta also sees nothing wrong here. – Let’s get to know the whole spectrum of this situation, including who it concerned – he points out. This is nothing more than secondary victimization of the victim and pointing the finger at her by the authorities.

– In the state of Law and Justice, especially if we are a woman, our data, our security, are not protected when we are a victim – adds Magdalena Biejat, MP for Razem.

Marika M. was sentenced by the court to the lowest possible penalty. Three years of absolute imprisonment for a hooligan robbery is the result of tightening the penalties by none other than Zbigniew Ziobro’s team. The indictment in this case was also drawn up by the Ziobro prosecutor’s office, and now the minister has decided to dismiss the prosecutor supervising the investigation from the position of deputy head of the Poznań-Stare Miasto District Prosecutor’s Office. It’s a chilling effect, lawyers say.

– The team with which Zbigniew Ziobro took over the Ministry of Justice knows nothing more than politics – alarms Bartłomiej Przymusiński from the Association of Polish Judges “Iustitia”.

Main photo source: Zofia Bichniewicz/PAP

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