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Dorota Gardias about the books that changed her life. “If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am”

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– People often ask me where I get so much positive energy. This is my choice. I had to learn to control my head and emotions. I went through a difficult road – says Dorota Gardias. The favorite books of the TVN weather presenter are books about personal development. When he travels around Poland with his camera, he listens to audiobooks, but before going to bed – he always has a printed book to “set an example for his daughter”.

– Five years ago I had a big life crisis – admits Dorota Gardias. Problems in personal life coincided with the participation of the presenter in the second edition “Asia Express”. – In Asia I experienced extraordinary things. I realized how little I need to live. Then I went with 4-year-old Hania in a carrier on my back on a 3-week trip around ThailandMalaysia and Indonesia. I was happy without branded flip-flops or glasses. I started to change. After returning home, I gave away clothes, shoes, cosmetics. My life has become simpler, says Gardias.

Dorota Gardias and Katarzyna Domeracka w "Asia Express"

Dorota Gardias and Katarzyna Domeracka in “Asia Express”Dorota Gardias and Katarzyna Domeracka in “Asia Express”x-news

Dorota Gardias about fighting cancer

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Last year, the journalist struggled with breast cancer and underwent surgery. “The fight against the disease showed me how strong I am. I am a task force, but I must admit that there was a moment after the operation, when I knew that everything was fine (…) suddenly there were various emotions, emotion, and I’ll call it straight: there was a month-long depression that I don’t know what it came from, I guess I just had to pick myself up after that, “she said in “Vivie!”. Then came the panic attacks. She started therapy, looked for books that could help her regain her balance. “I am no longer Dorothy, the mental and emotional child I was until I was forty,” she said.

Dorota Gardias recommends her favorite books

The first book the presenter reached for during this difficult period was “Power of subconsciousness” Joseph Murphy. – I recommend it to anyone who is starting their adventure with self-development. It opens your head a lot. I have it by my bed now “The Power of Attracting Happiness” Gardias says. in an interview with TVN24.pl. What else does it recommend? “Running With Wolves” Clarissa Pinkola Estes, “Tender guide” Natalia de Barbara i “Breathe Calm” Jarosław Guc. – I like to come back to “Running…”. This is a book about the great strength hidden in women and the wisdom we got from nature. Natalia de Barbara’s bestseller shows that playing the role of a victim is very comfortable and makes us realize what this role gives us. And “Breathe…” is about deliberately breaking the rules and going against the flow, about looking and acting differently. Because maybe it’s not worth absorbing all these stimuli that flood us like an ocean ship? I follow Guca on Instagram, where he does a lot of good – says Gardias.

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Who is Dorota Gardias

Dorothy Gardias is a journalist, she has been presenting the weather on TVN for 17 years. She started her career in show business in 1999: she won the title of Miss Lublin Region, and a year later she was chosen the most beautiful student of Lublin. She worked as a photomodel. She took her first steps in journalism in the Lublin branch of TVP3, then went to TVN. She won the ninth edition of “Dancing with the Stars” (2009). She also participated in “Asia Express” (2017) and “Mask Singer” (2022).

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