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Dorota Wellman recommends books for summer and holidays 2023

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– I read several things at once. I like variability and diversity – says Dorota Wellman, host of “Dzień Dobry TVN”. He prefers biographies, non-fiction and reportage, as well as award-winning novels. – I am also a literary hunter: I hunt for news, browse the websites of publishing houses, sign up for newsletters with announcements. When something interests me, I have to have it. If I spend a lot of money on something, it’s books.

Its library has 12,000 titles. What does he do with those that no longer fit on the shelves? – My husband and I used to take books to the oncology hospital so that patients during chemo could occupy their minds. Now we’re giving them to the village library. The second life of books is something that makes me very happy. I encourage everyone to do so. Let’s let them go, let’s give them freedom, let them go to people – says tvn24.pl Dorota Wellman, host “Good morning TVN”. What does it recommend for a holiday? – I read all the time, different things, so it was a very difficult choice …

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“Taste. Life and Food”, Stanley Tucci

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The Sunday Times best-seller written by the actor known m.in. from “The Devil Wears Prada” or “Julie&Julia”who hosted CNN’s “Searching for Italy” (Emmy Award-winning) culinary show. – Tucci, an American actor with Italian roots, is a really good cook. But this book isn’t about food, it’s about savoring life. About the fact that a dish can take us to the land of happiness that is childhood and about how wonderful it is to share the pleasure of feasting with the people we love. Tucci tells us her story without icing. He recalls how, after his wife’s death, he was left alone with small children, he writes about depression, which his second wife pulled him out of, and illness – he had cancer of the tongue and throat, which made him unable to eat and lost his taste. Interesting book. And the recipes can be used right away, encourages Wellman.

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“Sopots”, Tomasz Slomczyński

A book by a TVN24.pl journalist who lived in Sopot until he was thirty (his “Kaszëbë” was nominated for Travelers 2021 in the book of the year category). – There have already been plenty of books about Sopot, but this title is unique. Słomczyński describes the city of his childhood. He talks about the 1970s, when he was running around abandoned villas, and how in the house where his family moved in, he found items left by German owners. He treated it as an adventure, only with time came the reflection that these were traces of people who had been banished from there. This thread is close to me, my ancestors were also displaced from Kresy Wschodnie. Sopot has been reborn, but it does not cut itself off from German history. Słomczyński described it through the prism of his own life. And he did it brilliantly, says Wellman.

“Atlas of holes and fissures”, Michał Książek

A forestry engineer, ornithologist and at the same time an award-winning poet and reporter, he proves that nature can also be admired in concreted urban spaces. – Books show that nature can handle it everywhere. Blades of grass will come out between the pavement slabs, trees will grow on the ruins, and falcons will make their nest at the Palace of Culture and Science. This nature flooded with concrete by us is reborn despite unfavorable conditions. There will always be a crack where a dandelion will grow. It’s worth taking a look at what we do to her. A phenomenal book, recommends Wellman.

“Jerusalem. Biography of the City”, Simon Sebag Montefiore

One of the international bestsellers of the British historian and journalist cooperating with, among others, with the New York Times. – The history of the world is centered in Jerusalem. The city where three great religions were born witnessed events that affected the fate of all of us. I recommend this book to people who love history and are not afraid of a lot of information. It’s not an overnight sensation, it’s a 700-page brick. I prefer to read biographies of people rather than cities, but this one made a great impression on me, says Wellman.

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