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Downpours in Brazil. Floods and landslides. Over 100 victims

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According to the authorities of the Brazilian region of Pernambuco, the number of victims of floods and landslides has exceeded 100. The emergency services continue to search for the missing.

The downpour started last week. As reported by the authorities of the Pernambuco metropolitan region, in one day, 70 percent of the average monthly rainfall in the region fell there. The rains do not stop, and other inhabitants of the region are dying in floods and landslides.

Catastrophic floods in BrazilPAP / EPA / PRESIDENCY OF BRAZIL

“We must find all the missing”

According to the region’s authorities, the number of confirmed fatalities has risen to 106 people. Ten inhabitants of the region are still missing. The element deprived 6,198 people of the capital of the state of Recife and the surrounding towns without shelter.

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The governor of Pernambuco Paulo Camara referred to the tragic situation, but despite everything, he does not lose hope.

– We will not rest until we find all the missing. This is the most important thing at the moment – he assured in an interview with local media.

The inhabitants of poor neighborhoods suffered the mostPAP / EPA / EFE / GENIVAL PAPARAZZI

The danger does not go away

The Brazilian National Civil Defense forces have reported that the likelihood of floods and landslides is still very high. In total, a state of emergency was declared in as many as 24 communes.

The tragic balance with Pernambuco has once again forced local authorities to rethink urban planning in Brazil’s poorest regions. Many of the country’s citizens live in favelas – poor neighborhoods where houses are built from recycled materials and erected in random places, prone to collapse.

This is the fourth flood this year in Brazil with such serious consequences. In early January, dozens of people died when rainstorms hit the Bahia region in Northeast Brazil. Also in January, at least 18 people died in floods in southeast Sao Paulo, and in February, rainstorms around Rio de Janeiro killed more than 230 people.

Over 6,000 people were left homeless PAP / EPA / EFE / GENIVAL PAPARAZZI

Reuters, Folha de Sao Paulo

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / PRESIDENCY OF BRAZIL

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