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Downpours in Spain. “The sky was like tar, it was like the end of the world”

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Violent storms hit much of Spain. It was also raining in places. However, the heavy rainfall that has been recorded over much of the Iberian Peninsula in recent times has not been enough to restore normal levels of water reserves in Spain.

The lack of precipitation in the first part of the year meant that even the last few rainy weeks will not compensate for the water deficit in Spain, the newspaper El Debate reported. She said that the level of water in the country’s most important reservoirs remains lower than usual.

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Downpours and hailstorms

Relief from the drought was welcomed, but the amount of rainfall and occasional hailstorms were met with much less enthusiasm among residents.

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– When I was driving from Albarracin to Teruel, it suddenly became dark, the sky was like tar, it started to rain heavily. It wasn’t ordinary stormit was like the end of the world. We got to the entrance, and there was an underpass under the train tracks, and we had to stop there because the water was almost halfway up the car. The police came and turned us back,” said the Spanish resident. “Then we were on a different road where we had to use a roundabout and the water was flowing off it like a waterfall. The manholes were overflowing to the point that the covers were almost blown out. It was very scary. I’ve never experienced anything like this before,” he added.

While the rainfall brought respite to vegetable and citrus fruit producers, it came too late for cereals. By the time the much-anticipated rain fell, the Alcoia region had already lost 90 percent of its wheat, barley and oat crops. Heavy but short-term rainfall can also damage ripening grapes and cherries.

Cleaning up after heavy rains is underway in SpainENEX

This is not the end of the violent aura

This is not the end of the violent aura, as more storms and downpours are forecast in Spain in the coming days. Storm Oscar is approaching the country, the national meteorological agency AEMET reported.

Dangerous weather will hit the Canary Islands on Tuesday, where yellow and orange alerts have been issued for downpours and strong winds. Then the atmospheric front will move towards the Iberian Peninsula, where heavy rainfall is also expected.

Cleaning up after heavy rains is underway in SpainENEX

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