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Dozens of fallen trees, “a church narrowly missed”, hundreds of reports

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Around 570 reports of the effects of storms passing over the entire region were received on Wednesday by firefighters from Wielkopolska. In the town of Żegocin in Pleszew County, the wind knocked down around 30 large trees on an access road. There is no information that anyone was injured as a result of the storms.

– At around 5 p.m., violent storms passed through the Pleszew district, accompanied by heavy rainfall and strong winds. As a result, there were about 50 incidents related to torn off roofs, fallen trees, damaged power lines, a chimney fell over and fell inside a building – listed Roland Egiert, Commander of the Fire Department in Pleszew.

– A tree fell in the parish in Żegocin, narrowly missing the church. In turn, about 30 trees were knocked down on the access road to the city – he added.

Fallen trees near ŻegocinTVN24

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About 570 fire brigade interventions in Wielkopolska

The officer on duty at the Wielkopolska fire brigade reported before 10 p.m. on Wednesday that firefighters have so far received a total of about 570 reports in the entire region regarding the effects of storms and gales passing over the region. The largest number, 66 interventions, were recorded in the Konin area, 57 in the Środa district, 47 in the Pleszew district and 46 in the Słupca district.

Firefighters have no information that anyone was injured due to the storms. The officer on duty noted that most of the calls required minor interventions and concerned broken trees or parts of roofs torn off by the storm.

Warnings of violent storms were issued for the entire Wielkopolska province on Wednesday. For the northern and western parts of the region, IMGW announced the third, highest alert on the scale, and for the remaining counties a second-degree warning.

Main image source: TVN24

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