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Drahle. The beaver entered the property. When he was pushed out onto the sidewalk, he refused to move

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The city guards together with the local residents caught a beaver that entered one of the property in the village of Drahle (Podlasie), and when he was pushed out of there, he entered the road and did not want to move. At first, the animal was trapped in a net. It didn’t do anything. You had to use a cage.

At the first moment, when Mr. Antoni from Drahle in the Sokolski poviat came by bicycle to his property and saw some foreign animal on it, he thought that someone’s dog had entered there.

But when he got closer, it turned out to be a beaver.

A beaver was sitting on the road TVN24

He pushed it out with the front wheel of his bicycle

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– My dog ​​came running right away. The animals began to mangle with each other. I locked the dog in the playpen, took the bike and tried with the front wheel to push the beaver through the gate onto the pavement. He grabbed the wheel and the spokes, but it worked – he told our reporter Wioletta Żołądkowska.

The city guard was called to catch the animal.

Residents borrowed the cage

He was not caught in the netTVN24

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– We received a notification from the district veterinarian. We have established that the beaver is located within a lane of a fairly busy road, leading to a gravel pit – said Ryszard Kozioł from the Municipal Police in Sokółka in front of the TVN24 camera.

The animal has returned to where it came from TVN24

At some point, the animal entered the road and did not want to move away. As the rangers did not have the appropriate equipment, they borrowed a net from volunteers at an animal shelter. When it did not help, local residents came to the rescue.

He returned to the pool

“We managed to catch the beaver using a poultry cage,” said the ranger.

The animal was transported to the surrounding backwaters.

– I think it is happier than on the asphalt – said Ryszard Kozioł.

It happened in the village of Drahle in the Sokólski poviat

Main photo source: TVN24

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