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Dramatic Theater without a director, premiere canceled. There are allegations of mobbing in the background

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Monika Strzępka will no longer be the director of the Dramatic Theater. “We have an oral declaration of resignation from the position of director,” said Aldona Machnowska-Góra, vice-president of Warsaw. There will also be no premiere of the play HEKSY. Earlier, due to Strzępka’s directing methods, Agnieszka Szpila, the author of the novel of the same title, distanced herself from the play.

Monika Strzępka will no longer be the director of the Dramatic Theater. Aldona Machnowska-Góra, vice president of Warsaw responsible for culture, announced this on social media.

“Due to the situation at the Dramatyczny Theater, we held meetings with Monika Strzępka yesterday and today. We have an oral declaration of resignation from the position of director as of December 31 this year. No document has reached the city hall. Immediately after receiving it, the city will start the formal procedure related to the dismissal “She has this function,” she said in a post on social media.

She added that the town hall will keep us updated on further steps to ensure the continuity of the Dramatic Theater.

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The premiere of the show HEKSY canceled

In a short entry, the Dramatic Theater announced that the premiere of Agnieszka Szpila’s HEKSY directed by Monika Strzępka and the shows of this play scheduled for December are canceled.

It was noted that the Audience Services Office will contact all viewers regarding ticket returns.

The author of the novel “Heksy” distanced herself from the play

On Thursday, Agnieszka Szpila, author of the novel HEKSY, on which the play was based, published a statement in which she distanced herself from the interpretation of the work directed by Strzępka. “For me, the author of the novel and co-author (with Anna Kłos) of the adaptation, the enormity of mental and emotional suffering that the acting team has recently suffered is so devastating that I would not be able to watch this performance forgetting what I saw and experienced together with the team. over the last few days, participating in rehearsals in the theater,” wrote Szpila. She also added that the anti-patriarchal content contained in her text is not related to the “violent” working methods that Strzępka’s colleagues accuse her of.

“You cannot destroy patriarchy without first destroying what is patriarchal within yourself,” we read in the writer’s statement. Szpila also emphasized that she had great respect for the stage team and the work that went into preparing the performance.

The website oko.press informs that over the last year, nearly 30 people left or were fired from the Drama Theater, i.e. one fifth of the entire team. Employees accuse the director of mobbing and violent behavior. Three people from the HEKS cast left. They cited “working conditions that deviate from the standards of a healthy, safe process” as the reason.

For now, it is not known who will run the theater from January 1.

tvnwarszawa.pl / oko.press

Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell/PAP

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