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Dratów. Firefighters saved two anglers who fell into the water

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A volunteer firefighter, passing by the Dratów pool (Lublin province), realized that in the water, 200 meters from the shore, two men were calling for help. He called another friend and together they set off on the borrowed boat to help. They managed to get one of the anglers out of the water. They held the other one against the hull and waited for additional support.

Everything happened on Saturday (November 13) before 1 p.m. – The second man from the Volunteer Fire Department from Dratów, driving past the floodplain located in that town, noticed that a bucket was floating in the water. He got out of the car and heard two anglers calling for help about two hundred meters from the shore. Their boat overturned and they landed in the water – says Jarosław Janek, commander of the commune OSP Ludwin.

Anglers were about two hundred meters from the shore OSP Ludwin

When they tried to pull in the other angler, the boat took on water

The firefighter, who heard the anglers, immediately called his friend – also a member of OSP Dratów, who lives near the pool. Together they ran to their neighbor for the boat.

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– They couldn’t find the oars in a hurry, so they took shovels and this way they reached the anglers, informing the emergency services about the case earlier. They managed to pull one of the men onto the boat. The other one stayed in the water because when they tried to pull him in, the boat began to sink. So they held him leaning against the hull and waited for help – says our interlocutor.

The men were hypothermic

After a few moments, a fire boat appeared on the pool.


After a few moments, a fire engine was sent to the poolOSP Ludwin

The commune commander reports: – I was there with my friend. As the tank is full of branches and stumps, we couldn’t use the motor engine so we had to row as well. We took all four of us to the boat. Anglers, men aged 60-70 years, were hypothermic. We took one of them to our car, and the other – the one who had been in the water longer – was taken to the ambulance and immediately went to the hospital. A helicopter from the Polish Medical Air Rescue immediately flew for the other man.

The bridesmaids are to be presented for decoration

In the hospital, anglers began to slowly regain a safe temperature. – They were in the water for about half an hour. A very long time, considering how quickly the human body cools down in such weather as on Saturday. Thermometers showed around eight degrees Celsius that day, ’emphasizes Jarosław Janek.

The pool is so overgrown that it was impossible to reach the anglers with a motorized engine OSP Ludwin

Firefighters deserve decorations

The circumstances of the boat turning over are being investigated by the police. – The friends who went to help, on the other hand, will be presented for the award. Thanks to their professional activities, the anglers survived – emphasizes our interlocutor.

A helicopter flew in for one of the anglersOSP Ludwin

Anglers fell into the water in Dratów in the Łęczna poviat

Main photo source: OSP Ludwin

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