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Drezdenko. The shop owner made sanitary checks impossible. “He was aggressive, one of the women fell”

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A shop owner in Drezdenko (Lubuskie Province) prevented two sanitary inspectors from carrying out a compliance check in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic and the spread of the coronavirus. – During the exchange, the man became aggressive, he pushed the women, which caused one of them to fall to the ground, the police said. The 55-year-old and other man who helped him heard the charges.

Everything happened last week in front of one of the supermarkets in Drezdenko. According to the police, a 55-year-old man prevented Sanepid inspectors from carrying out an inspection related to the observance of epidemiological rules in his store. The event was recorded by a surveillance camera. The recording was published on Monday by the Lubuska Police.

– During the exchange, the man became aggressive, he pushed the women, which caused one of them to fall to the ground. The outrageous behavior of the owner, who was helped by the other man, made it impossible to carry out the inspection effectively – said Tomasz Bartos from the County Police Headquarters in Strzelce Krajeńskie.


The policemen from Drezdenko were informed about the case.

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– The uniforms determined that a crime had been committed, which was the violation of the bodily integrity of the officer. Criminals quickly tracked down and detained two people. The owner of the store heard the accusations of violating the bodily integrity and influencing the activities performed by the employees of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. The second detainee will also be responsible for such a crime – added Bartos.

Both are facing up to three years imprisonment.

The incident took place in DrezdenkoLubuskie Police

“There are people who downplay the threat with their behavior”

Marcin Maludy, the sub-inspector of the Lubuskie Police, noted that every day medics, service officers and employees of many institutions are involved in fighting the effects of the pandemic. Doctors, nurses and paramedics focus on the treatment of infected people, and the police and sanitary inspectors verify compliance with the rules to limit the spread of the virus. – Most citizens understand with understanding the hard work of the officers and employees of the Sanepid. Unfortunately, there are also people who downplay the threat with their behavior. There are also people who react with aggression when they see the services. Such behavior, however, is associated with a strong police response – emphasized the spokesman.

The policemen also arrested the second man for the caseLubuskie Police

Main photo source: Lubuskie Police

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