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Drivers in Poland. What are their skills? How do they rate themselves? ARC Europe study

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Do Polish drivers have a high knowledge of car operation and the latest driver support systems? It turns out that only every fifth driver can be considered an “expert”, and 40 percent of them consult on car servicing – we learn the results of a study by a company from the assistance industry ARC Europe.

“As many as 71% of respondents assess themselves as good drivers (including 16% are definitely convinced of this). Men and the youngest drivers, as well as respondents aged 18-24, are more confident in their skills. This also applies to the most experienced people. who have had a driving license for over 20 years “, the ARC Europe study reads.


Do you consider yourself a good driver?arceurope.pl

Polish drivers – car service

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As explained in the analysis, “40 percent of surveyed drivers declare that they have ever consulted someone about car maintenance.” It was added that “it is more common in men, as well as in respondents aged 35-44”.

“Most often it was a conversation with a friend or a mechanic, while women consulted their partners. Interestingly, only 3% of respondents consulted the insurer, and only one in five consults their dealer / service” – we learn from the survey.

How do Polish drivers deal with car breakdowns?

“32 percent of the surveyed drivers admit that they had a car breakdown. In this situation, the largest number of respondents tried to deal with the problem on their own. Almost every third person decided to consult a friend or a mechanic or service,” explained ARC Europe.

The report added that “it was mainly men (40%) who tried to repair the car on their own, while women in this situation most often decided to use the assistance service (51%)”.

“People who have not had a car breakdown so far most often believe that in such a situation they would call their relatives – family or friends (54%). Men would also try to repair themselves (42%) more often than women, but they also more often indicate for the use of assistance “- it was written.

– We are glad that there is a group of drivers who use assistance in emergency situations, because it helps to regain mobility faster. We can solve some simple problems remotely. Most often, we help customers over the phone to remove failures related to a latched fuel filler flap, the keyless system, dashboard messages or fluid replenishment. On the other hand, we remove breakdowns related to the battery (over 52 percent), damaged tire (18 percent), access to the car (key / remote control), electrical system and operating fluids, stated Mikołaj Siwecki, network manager at Starter24 (currently ARC Europe Polska).

What are Polish drivers like?

“Poles, on average, know how to use a car every day. On average, their skills were assessed at 5.6 on a 10-point scale. It turns out that only every fifth driver can be considered a true” expert “(20% of respondents). Relatively, aspiring drivers, i.e. drivers with moderate knowledge of car maintenance (38%), are a large group. car “- explained in the report.

What are Polish drivers like?arceurope.pl

Research methodology

“The quantitative study was carried out by Mobile Institute on behalf of Starter24 | a company of ARC Europe Group. As part of the quantitative study, the opinions of 1,105 Polish Internet users actively using the car as a driver were collected” – explained in the report.

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