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Driving license 2022. Changes – the Ministry of Infrastructure is preparing a bill

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The Ministry of Infrastructure is working on changes to driving license exams. According to the proposals, future drivers will be able to train with an accompanying person, moreover, all examination questions will no longer be made public. Higher requirements are also to apply to instructors and examiners. A new subject is to be introduced in primary schools. The government is to adopt a bill on this matter in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The Ministry of Infrastructure announced that it had begun work on a draft act assuming a number of changes to the provisions of the Act on vehicle drivers. “The draft amendment is being prepared in connection with the demands of social organizations associating driving instructors, examiners and drivers to introduce a number of changes to the rules for conducting and assessing the state driving test and to the rules for the organization of exams in Provincial Road Traffic Centers” – explained the MI.

Earlier, the Minister of Infrastructure, Andrzej Adamczyk, appointed an advisory team for training applicants for driving licenses and conducting the state driving license exam. The team was composed of representatives of various environments, incl. examiners, instructors, representatives of the Police, organizations working for road safety. The team developed proposals for changes to the provisions that are to be included in the bill.

As we read on government websites, the planned date for the adoption of the draft by the Council of Ministers is the fourth quarter of 2022.


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Driving license – training with a guardian

As indicated in the announcement by the Ministry of Infrastructure, a novelty will be the possibility of training in the field of driving licenses in the form of an extended course with an accompanying person. This option will apply to a person who has completed a driving school course, and their legal guardian will have to hold a category B driving license for at least 5 years.

Tomasz Kulik, a driving instructor, has doubts about the rightness of this change. – I am afraid that there will be conflicts in the car, when a trained and prepared student will argue with his tutor who will say: what are you talking about, it never was. Maybe it was not, but 20 years ago there was an obligation to stop in front of a conditional arrow, and what do drivers do? They do not stop – Kulik pointed out in an interview with TVN Turbo.

– I’m afraid that the parent will not help, and even ruin our job – assessed the instructor.

The rules for conducting additional training courses are to be changed. Currently, drivers who have a longer break from driving and want to train under the supervision of an instructor cannot use the services of driving schools. The new regulations will introduce such a possibility.

Higher requirements for instructors and examiners

The ministry also plans to introduce higher requirements for instructors and examiners. Currently, to become a driving instructor or examiner for category B, it is enough to have a driving license of this category for 2 years or 3 years, respectively. Under the new regulations, the requirement for a category B driving license will be at least 5 years for both instructors and examiners.

The draft amendment also includes changes reducing the frequency of in-service training workshops for instructors, lecturers and examiners. Currently, they have to undergo training once a year, according to the new regulations it is supposed to be once every two years. Compulsory in-service training workshops will also be necessary for driving technique instructors, currently such training is not required.

According to the draft, the compulsory subject “communication education” is to be introduced in the curriculum for grade 4 of primary school. These will be classes during which students will be, among others, they were preparing to obtain a bicycle license.

Driving license questions

In addition, when the new regulations enter into force, the exam questions and their scenarios, visualizations, descriptions and questions included in the exam will no longer be made public. “After the introduction of the provisions of the act, we plan to publish exemplary (but not all) exam questions used in the state driving test,” the ministry said.

As explained, the intention of MI is to change the trend of driver training – from the study-oriented exam questions to the study-oriented traffic rules and regulations.

The ministry reminded that the Act on Vehicle Drivers introduced compulsory training courses for all drivers during the trial period, between the 4th and 8th month of receiving the driving license. Due to the non-adaptation of the Central Register of Drivers base, these regulations are not applied. The solutions prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure are to introduce the obligation to undergo training in road traffic hazards only for those young drivers who committed 2 offenses in road traffic during the trial period.

The new regulations also provide for the resignation from the division of driver training centers (OSK) into ordinary centers and centers that meet additional requirements. The supervision of driving schools is also expected to improve. According to the draft, higher requirements will be introduced for persons authorized by the starost to carry out inspections in OSK, which is to contribute to the improvement of their quality.

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