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Driving license. Errors in exam tests. The prosecution will investigate the case

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Driving license test errors could have been a deliberate action – these are the latest findings following an inspection by the examination board. The Ministry of Infrastructure checked how it was possible that in the test pool there were those with errors. The case will go to the prosecutor’s office, and some of the drivers for the next exam. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

It might seem that it has no right to happen, that the traffic law is different in the code and different in the exam. – If the examined person marked the correct answer, it was recognized by the system as incorrect – says the owner of the driving school and the driving technique instructor Marek Dobrowolski.


The ministry counted eight faulty questions that were sent to the base on Monday. Traffic center workers and experts cannot believe that such blatant mistakes have occurred. – This is a big slip-up, a disgrace to those who create exam questions – says the road safety expert Marek Konkolewski.

Driving license test errors. The prosecution will investigate the case

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Minister of Infrastructure commissioned the inspection and in the commission for verification and recommendation of examination questions and in the Department of Road Transport at the Ministry. – The appearance of errors in these questions may not have been the result of error or negligence, but the result of deliberate action and therefore the minister of infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk, submitted a notification to the prosecutor’s office about the possibility of committing a crime – says the spokesman for the Ministry of Infrastructure, Szymon Huptyś.

Errors in the questions on the driving testTVN24

There are also personnel decisions. – The director of the Road Transport Department, the chairman of the committee and one of the members of the committee lost his position – the spokesman said.

Candidate drivers may repeat the driving test

When the ministry found out about the errors in the tests, it immediately ordered the removal of the incorrect questions from the database. However, some of the driver candidates have already responded to them. – Everyone who passed the exam and had these questions in the pool has the opportunity to repeat this exam, regardless of whether he gave four, six or eight incorrect answers – informs Rafał Grodzicki from the Provincial Road Traffic Center in Warsaw.

It is up to each center to decide who it will allow to repeat the test. The ministry calculated that there were 20 people in the entire country who would have passed the exam if it were not for the errors in the tests. – None of those candidates for drivers who have been wronged by this situation will have to pay for taking the exam again – says Szymon Huptyś.

Innocent candidates for drivers, instead of getting ready for the practical exam, will again stress in front of the computer, answering the theory. – A failed theory causes a delay in time, even with the possibility of repeating the practical exam. This, in turn, reduces the chances of a practical one, because you have to be on the beat, you have to drive all the time, have a practice – says Marek Dobrowolski.

– WORDs will be flooded with numerous complaints from people who failed the theoretical test just to verify that the questions did not include those that were faulty – emphasizes Marek Konkolewski.

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