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Driving license, OC, registration document. What documents must the driver have with him? Note the exceptions

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Over the years, drivers have become accustomed to the fact that they have to carry several documents with them when driving – a driving license, registration document and proof of liability insurance. Failure to do so was punishable by a fine. However, there have been significant changes in this regard in the last few years. We remind you what a driver should know before getting behind the wheel.

Drivers often still drive with a set of three documents: driving license, vehicle registration document and confirmation of the validity of the liability insurance policy. No wonder, until recently, the lack of each of these documents was punishable by a fine. How is today? Currently, they do not have to carry any of these documents with them when driving a vehicle.

Documents that the driver does not need to have with him

Obligation to have a physical confirmation of the validity of the OC policy and the registration document with you abolished on October 1, 2018.

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Additionally from December 5, 2020, you do not need to have a physical driving license with you.

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The police and other services authorized to stop us on the road, have electronic access to these documents.

The driver has it the obligation to carry a document confirming his identity. Of course, the easiest way is to have an ID card, but it can also be a passport.

The fact that we do not have to carry a physical driving license with us does not mean that we can move on the roads without a valid license to drive a vehicle of a given category. If during the inspection it turns out that you are driving a car or motorcycle without a license, you can get a ticket.

It is similar with the OC policy, yes, we do not need to have it confirmed, but it must be paid and valid. If we don’t, we won’t be punished.

Exceptions to the rule

It should also be remembered that when traveling abroad, each of the above-mentioned documents must be carried with you. Otherwise, in the event of an inspection, the officers will not be able to verify our data.

We will also need a physical registration card when visiting a vehicle inspection station or when selling a car.

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There is no obligation, but the documents can be useful

The fact that we are not obliged to have a registration document, confirmation of the OC policy and driving license with us when traveling by car does not mean that in certain situations it is not worth having these documents with you.

They can be useful in the event of an accident and road collision, or even worse, a system failure CEPiK. For example, if there is a minor incident on the road and it causes a dent or abrasion to another car, then instead of settling the matter amicably – by writing down the policy data – it will be necessary to call the police to confirm the data of the people who participated in the event.

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At the same time, it is worth recalling that identity confirmation is possible in electronic form thanks to the mObywatel application, which includes mDowod. Driving license is also available there a digital document showing your driving license and insurance information.

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