Drone attack, NATO decision, bloody attack in Dnieper. What happened in Ukraine in the last 24 hours


Russia's invasion of Ukraine began 862 days ago. A drone strike by Ukrainian special forces has disabled the Oskolski Electrometallurgical Plant (OEMK), which is important for Russia's defense industry and is known for producing high-quality steel, Ukrainian media reported, citing military intelligence sources. Here's what happened in and around Ukraine over the past 24 hours.

> Five people died and at least 34 were injured in Wednesday's shooting attack by Russian forces on the city of Dnieper in the central-eastern part Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky published a recording purporting to show the moment of a powerful explosion and its effects.

> Ukrainian Special Forces Drone Attack Disables Defense Industry-Important Facility Russia The Oskolski Electrometallurgical Combine (OEMK), known for the production of high-quality steel, Ukrainian media reported, citing sources in the HUR military intelligence.

Drone Unit on the Front in UkraineOliver Weiken/DPA/PAP

> The White House announced a new Armament Package for Ukraine worth a total of $2.3 billion. This is one of the largest tranches accepted so far. Within its framework United States They will transfer, among other things, artillery ammunition, missiles for HIMARS systems and air defense systems from their arsenal, as well as purchase large numbers of Patriot and NASAMS missiles for Ukraine.

> The North Atlantic Alliance will send its representative to Kyiv, who will be responsible for coordinating political and practical support for Ukraine. This is related to the takeover by FOR THIS the role of aid coordinator for Kiev.

> Ukrainian military intelligence held a press conference in Kiev to boast about the results special operation “Rybałka”. The representative of the services, Andriy Yusov, spoke about damaging the Russian missile ship Serpukhov and obtaining secret information about the enemy Baltic Fleet. The Russian sailor “Goga”, who went over to the Ukrainians, also spoke.

> More than 110 Ukrainian soldiers were executed after surrendering, the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine reported. Torture of prisoners is systemic, said Yuri Belousov, a representative of the institution.

Main image source: Oliver Weiken/DPA/PAP

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