Drops sniffed out suspicious packages at the airport


Postal items were checked at one of the Chopin Airport’s Cargo terminals. Pies Drops and his guide found two suspicious packages. It turned out that almost two kilograms of dried plants were hidden in the popcorn packages.

Drops specializes in drug detection. On Thursday, together with their guide, they inspected shipments arriving to Poland from different parts of the world at the Cargo terminal.

– This time our four-legged officer pointed to one of the bags with parcels and then to the two suspicious parcels inside. During the inspection, four vacuum-packed foil bags containing green dried plants were secured in the shipments, said Major SG Grzech from the Vistula Border Guard unit.

Drops sniffed out dried plants in the shipmentsBorder Guard Warsaw

The packaging was supposed to resemble factory packaging

Each of the bags was additionally placed in a popcorn wrapper welded on the sides so that they looked factory-made. The found herb was handed over to officers of the Operational and Investigative Group from the Warsaw-Okęcie Border Guard Station, who carried out further activities in the case.

This is another success of Drops and his guide from the Border Guard station in Warsaw’s Okęcie district.

Main photo source: Border Guard Warsaw

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