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Drought in Poland. Hydrologist: the number of hydrological stations that alert about drought is growing day by day

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Nothing indicates that it would be better – said the spokesman of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management Grzegorz Walijewski about the drought in Poland. He reported that “180 out of over half a thousand hydrological stations are alerting about drought” throughout the country and “this number is growing day by day”. The hydrologist reminded about the economical use of water and the use of rainwater for washing the car or watering the lawns.

Many regions of Poland struggle with water shortages. The most difficult situation is in the north and in the center of the country. There may be difficulties in supplying water from shallow groundwater intakes and municipal intakes.

Forecasts for the coming days are not optimistic. The temperature is expected to exceed 30 degrees Celsius, as a result of which the water will evaporate rapidly. There will be rainfall during thunderstormsGrzegorz Walijewski, the spokesman and hydrologist of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, emphasized that even very intense rainfall is not able to significantly improve the hydrological situation. For this to happen, it would have to rain for a long time and in almost the entire country.

“Day by day this number is growing”

As reported by the spokesman IMGW, “180 out of more than half a thousand hydrological stations in Poland alert about drought”. – The number is growing day by day, although it is only the beginning of summer – said Walijewski.

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– Nothing seems to be getting better. The drought is spreading, he noted.

As Walijewski warned, the current long-term forecasts for the summer also do not give hope. They predict temperatures above normal and rainfall at most normal. “Then the threat of drought will continue to increase,” he added.

“Let’s use water sparingly, catch rainwater”

As the hydrologist spokesman pointed out, “the current drought is a long-term phenomenon.” It can be said that he has been with us, with short breaks, since 2014 – he said.

– In the case of drought, we distinguish several stages. The first is a meteorological drought. We find it when we do not observe rainfall or its deficit for a long time – explained Walijewski. Soil drought, which is a consequence of meteorological drought, is characterized by a decrease in soil moisture below the value that allows to meet the water needs of plants. Hydrological drought, in turn, occurs when river flows fall below a certain level and when the groundwater table is significantly lowered.

Asked what each of us can do in the face of increasing drought, the hydrologist appealed: – let’s use water sparingly at home. If there is rainfall, let’s catch rainwater and use it in dry periods for watering the lawn, washing the car or for laundry.

“Quite strong” agricultural drought

As reported by Tomasz Jóźwicki from the Department of Agrometeorology and Computer Science of the Institute of Crops, Fertilization and Soil Science – National Research Institute in Puławy (IUNG), in 15 provinces agricultural drought was found for all monitored crops. – Heat wave, low rainfall led to agricultural drought in Poland – assessed Jóźwicki. “You could even call it quite strong,” he added.

– Low rainfall or its deficiency causes a decrease in soil moisture, which means that plants do not have enough water to meet their needs, for proper development – explained the expert.

Jóźwicki mentioned that the most affected regions of Poland are the following voivodeships: Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Lubuskie, Łódzkie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Wielkopolskie, Zachodnio-Pomorskie and Pomorskie.

According to the specialist, the consequence of prolonged agricultural drought may be smaller harvests. This may result in a price increase, he added. – It is not known when we can expect the end of the agricultural drought in Poland. It all depends on the rainfall.

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