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Drought in Poland. Podlaskie, Suprasl. It is forbidden to water gardens and lawns during the day

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The authorities of the Supraśl commune in the Białystok poviat have banned the use of water during the day for watering home gardens and lawns. The ban in force since Sunday is related to the drought. For now, the mayor’s order is in effect until the end of June.

The decision is related to signals from residents who began to experience water shortages in the water supply network. In some, it is a drop in pressure, in others even a temporary lack of water, especially in towns located in the final and furthest sections of the water supply network from the treatment station, according to the justification for the order, published, among others, on the official website of Supraśl.

According to the city authorities, periodic water shortages are associated with much higher than normal consumption of drinking water for other purposes, primarily for watering lawns and gardens, and filling swimming pools. Such high consumption means exceeding the technical capabilities of the treatment plant; in some cases, water consumption in recent days has been several times higher than the real and technical capacity of these stations.

Prohibition of watering during the day

The ban on watering home gardens and lawns has been in force since Sunday. The introduced restrictions (including filling swimming pools from municipal waterworks) are valid from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. For now, the ordinance has been introduced for the period until the end of June, but with the possibility of its extension.

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Supraśl’s authorities emphasize that it is about ensuring continuity of water supply and time for the water treatment plants to rebuild, therefore watering is possible, but only at night and in the early morning. Violation of the prohibitions is punishable by a fine on the terms and in the mode resulting from the Law on Petty Offenses. The ordinance signed by the mayor of Supraśl, Radosław Dobrowolski, will be submitted for approval by the councilors at the next session.

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