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Drowning, summer 2023. She was saved, he was not. Eight people died in the water on the first weekend of the holiday alone

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In Jantar (Pomeranian Voivodeship), a man and a woman entered the water, they lost ground. She was saved, he wasn’t. In June alone, more than 40 people died as a result of drowning, eight of them in the first weekend of summer holidays. The authorities once again call for caution and caution around the water.

On Sunday, a rescue operation was carried out in Jantar in the waters of the Gulf of Gdańsk. According to the services, at the entrance no. 79, around 14, two people were reported drowning.

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Rescue operation in JantarKP PSP Nowy Dwór Gdański

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Bravado and alcohol

As it turned out, a 37-year-old man and a woman had previously entered the water on the edge of the bathing area. About 50 meters from the shore, they lost ground under their feet and began to sink. Lifeguards and beachgoers rushed to help. The woman was saved.

The 37-year-old under water was spotted by the drone operator after two hours. Despite the measures taken, rescuers found him dead.

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There were also drunk vacationers who entered the water at Gdańsk bathing beaches. Such an intervention took place on the Gdańsk Stogi beach. There, the man could barely stand, lay down in the water and several times uncontrollably disappeared under its surface. Fortunately, we managed to extract it in time.

How does a man drown? Five stagesTVN24

Tragic statistics

Unfortunately, these were not isolated cases. As Rafał Goeck from the Maritime Search and Rescue Service (SAR) told us, rescuers had to intervene as many as 21 times during the first weekend of the holidays. In total, eight people drowned across Poland. In June, 42 people lost their lives in this way.

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The services once again appeal to be reasonable around the water and not to charge. – Above all, do not overestimate your abilities. If we are not sure about them, let’s not risk it, let’s not go too far into this water. If we want to swim a bit, let’s try to enter the water either at a guarded swimming pool or in its vicinity, where we can actually see a flag flying from a distance and then we know if it is safe, if there are conditions for safe swimming – advises Goeck.

Authorities are urging people to be careful and careful around the water. "A drowning person is not Baywatch"

Authorities are urging people to be careful and careful around the water. “A drowning person is not Baywatch”Paweł Laskosz/Fakty po Poludnie TVN24

Main photo source: KP PSP Nowy Dwór Gdański

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