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Drunk drivers. He watched his “exploits” on the road. After being stopped, the driver tried to pose as a passenger

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The driver of the right-hand drive Volvo was unable to stay on track. His road “feats” were watched by a policeman. He had the day off, but he kept the driver. This one, it turned out, was drunk.

He was driving from Zągot towards Płock. He had trouble keeping the correct course, which made him a danger to other road users. These maneuvers were observed by a Płock police officer. He had the day off, but he decided to act.

– He informed the duty officer about the situation, and after a short while he prevented further dangerous driving of the 36-year-old. The man was driving a right-hand drive car, and when he stopped the vehicle, he switched to the passenger seat, Sgt. pcs. Monika Jakubowska from the Płock police

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Officers who had been notified of the incident arrived at the scene. The examination of the driver of the Volvo showed that he had nearly 1.5 per mille of alcohol in his body. He will be held accountable for his behavior. He faces up to two years in prison and a very heavy fine.

Let us remember that the safety of many people on the road depends on us and our responsibility. Getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol or a similar substance, we pose a serious threat to the life and health of not only ourselves, but also other road users, including our relatives, with whom we often travel.

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Main photo source: KMP Płock

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